Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning

In this difficult economy, organizations of all sizes are turning to Blended Learning as a way to execute a high-quality training program at a lower cost.

A Blended Learning training program is an affordable way to improve the effectiveness, flexibility, and success rate of your internal training program.

Blended Learning Defined

MoreSteam defines Blended Learning as: a Lean Six Sigma training model that integrates multiple delivery modes and learning activities - generally a mix of e-Learning, classroom exercises, coaching and job-like applications - to reach a globally and educationally diverse employee audience.

The Blended Learning model is now an accepted method of training in private and public institutions. Because it involves online technologies, you many be uncertain as to whether it's the right training model for your deployment.

Here's a side-by-side comparison that might help.

Blended Learning is LEAN Learning

Why do organizations benefit from a Blended Learning model? Because that model is essentially a Lean Six Sigma approach to Lean Six Sigma. Blended Learning removes much of the waste found in the traditional instructor-led classroom training model, yielding higher effectiveness at lower risk, and a dramatically lower cost structure.

By using the best of online technologies (e-Learning, simulations) and the best of live interactions (coaching, study halls), you can cut away the inefficiencies of the old lecture-based training model and emphasize winning strategies: Just-in-Time training, self-paced learning, an emphasis on practice, and an alignment with projects.

Only with those types of experiences can your freshly graduated Belts truly achieve the level of competence and confidence required to quickly complete critical projects. Deployments gain a more efficient, resilient and standardized method for educating their global professional work force over the long term.

MoreSteam.com: Providing the Tools and Training for Blended Learning

Since 2000, MoreSteam has worked closely with top Lean Six Sigma deployments to provide the online and classroom tools needed to successfully migrate from a traditional instructor-led training model to a blended model.

Our offerings include:

  • Over 250 hours of online training curricula
  • Project-based simulations and games for the classroom
  • Project tracking and management tools
  • Student monitoring and progress reporting tools

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