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Level Up Your Processes By Teaching Your Team to Think Lean

Lean Arcade is a gamified crash course in Lean. Covering Lean concepts like 5-S, Standard Work, and the 8 Wastes, this short, online course pairs quick introductions to fundamental Lean topics with interactive practice exercises. For each activity, users receive a score that can earn them a place on a company-wide and global leaderboard.

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Time to Complete

2‐3 hours

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Number of Participants

50 - 1,000+

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Key Concepts Learned

Y=f(X), Lean Principles, 8 Wastes, Value-Added Flowchart, Spaghetti Diagram, 5S, Standardized Work, Cellular Processing

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Featured Games & Key Concepts

The five lean principles

The Five Lean Principles

GOAL! Explore the five-step thought process for guiding the implementation of lean techniques.

The 8 wastes

The 8 Wastes

Discover the 8 forms of waste and rescue the local businesses from the excessive paperwork monster, Muda Maximus.

Value-added flow charts

Value-Added Flow Charts

Gain an understanding of value and non-value added activities by visually mapping the proper value-added activities at a doctor's office.

Spaghetti chart

Spaghetti Charts

Learn the benefits of Spaghetti Diagrams by mapping out the processes and procedures for an evidence crime lab.

Cellular Processing

Cellular Processing

Increase efficiency! Rearrange the crime lab to minimize the path for evidence processing.

Cellular Processing

The 5S Approach

Race the clock as your favorite pit crew as you learn about the 5 S's and how a clean, uncluttered workspace can improve productivity and reduce waste.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Competitive Scoring

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Engage your team or organization in a little friendly competition

Introduce a friendly, competitive atmosphere where participants can see where they rank among their cohorts. A global leaderboard is also included so they can see where they rank among the elite Lean Hall of Fame.

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