Ep. 1 · Making Work Visual with Peg Pennington

Improve your processes by making work visual! In this episode, Peg Pennington joins the show. Peg is the president of MoreSteam and a member of the board of directors of the Lean Enterprise Institute. Before joining MoreSteam, Peg was the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University. Peg and Dan talk about root cause analysis, Peg's background before joining MoreSteam, and the learning that happens outside of your comfort zone.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • 01:08 - Making Work Visual
  • 04:25 - Root cause analysis
  • 08:14 - Peg's time at Ohio State
  • 13:47 - The Center for Operational Excellence
  • 18:04 - MoreSteam's work with Mercy Ships
  • 21:58 - The future of work
  • 24:01 - The learning that happens outside of your comfort zone
  • 28:21 - The importance of being a mentor

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Peg Pennington
Peg Pennington


Peg Pennington joined MoreSteam's executive team in 2018 and provides leadership to all company operations. Previously, Peg was the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University. She will continue as an adjunct instructor of the Master of Business Operational Excellence ('MBOE') curriculum at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business. Before joining Ohio State, Peg served in a managerial role at Emerson Network Power.

Peg earned a bachelor's degree in finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.

Dan Swartwout Headshot
Dan Swartwout


Dan Swartwout is the host of Quality Time with MoreSteam. A lifelong Central Ohio resident, Dan is a double Buckeye. He earned both a BA and a law degree from The Ohio State University. Before joining MoreSteam, Dan had a long career as a host, comedian, and master of ceremonies. For 17 years, Dan was the studio audience host for the Ohio Lottery game show Cash Explosion. Dan was also the host of CBuzz, which was a collaboration between the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, WWCD 92.9, and the Columbus Dispatch. On CBuzz, Dan interviewed some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. From 2002-2020, Dan toured the country as a standup comedian. Tracks from his comedy CD have been played over 5,000 times on Sirius/XM satellite radio. Now, Dan brings his experience and enthusiasm to Quality Time with MoreSteam -- it's business and fun, together.

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