Green Lean Six Sigma: Make Every Day Earth Day

Online Lean Six Sigma Training Is Green!

Reducing waste saves money for your business and your customers. That's good.

By eliminating waste in materials, movement, and energy consumption, you can also reduce your company's environmental impact. That's better!

Consider how online training is environmentally responsible:

  • Reduce energy consumption for physical classrooms and the related utility emissions for electricity, heating and cooling
  • Eliminate transportation-generated fuel and CO2 emissions
  • Save a few trees and reduce landfill waste by eliminating plastic binders filled with paper-based training materials

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Green Lean Six Sigma Resources & Case Studies

Lean @ the U.S. EPA

Helpful resources for streamlining administrative and manufacturing processes. Links to case studies, examples, and free tools.

Environmental Professionals Guide to Lean and Six Sigma

The guide describes how Lean and Six Sigma relate to the environment and provides guidance on how professionals can implement Lean and Six Sigma activities to generate better environmental and operational results.

Eliminating Nonconsumable Food Waste at Notre Dame

The installation of three Grind2Energy systems will reduce nonconsumable food waste by 99 percent and will reduce overall waste, campuswide, by 10 percent, or 700,000 pounds per year.

DMAIC Case Study: Kahiki Foods Improves Water Quality

By implementing processing improvements, reducing waste, and error proofing, Kahiki reduced Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) by 70%.

Green Lean Six Sigma Grants

MoreSteam training grants support non-profit organizations

Are you a non-profit organization working to improve your processes to become greener? We'd like to help! Apply for a MoreSteam training grant for online Lean Six Sigma training.

What's required? You will need to identify a specific Green Lean Six Sigma project during the application process. Upon completion, we ask that you share the lessons learned so that other organizations can help make the world a little greener too.

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