Green Lean Six Sigma

Welcome to MoreSteam.com's Green Six Sigma section. You may be looking at MoreSteam.com's resources because you are interested in applying Lean Six Sigma methods to your business. Reducing waste saves your business money. That's good.

Online Lean Six Sigma Training Is Green!

By eliminating waste in materials, movement, and energy consumption, you can also reduce your company's environmental impact. That's better!

Consider how electronic delivery of your company's Lean Six Sigma training is environmentally responsible:

What Is the Environmental Impact of Your Training Program?

Estimate the environmental cost of your current training using MoreSteam.com's Carbon Load Calculator - you may be shocked by the results.

Lean Six Sigma Online Training

Traditional classroom training has a much larger carbon footprint than online training, especially when the participants travel to the training. A single training wave of Black Belts who travel to classroom training may generate as much as 154 times more greenhouse gasses than a comparable e-Learning training program!

Specifically, a wave of 20 Black Belt candidates is trained for four weeks spread over four to five months. If 1/2 of the training class travels via air for an average of 1,000 miles to attend each of the four training sessions, and stays in a hotel for five nights each time, then the comparative carbon dioxide load is 61,668 pounds, 154 times higher than e-Learning.

Green Lean Six Sigma Resources

We have listed several free online resources to aid your Green Six Sigma initiative. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a helpful Web site with links to case studies, examples, and free tools, and many companies are starting to post their best practices.


Lean Manufacturing and the Environment - http://www.epa.gov/lean/index.htm

The Lean and Environment Toolkit - http://www.epa.gov/lean/environment/toolkits/environment/

Best Practices

W. R. Grace Best Practices - http://www1.eere.energy.gov/industry/bestpractices/pdfs/ch_cs_wrgrace.pdf

Case Studies

Visit the Knowledge Center case studies page

Green Lean Six Sigma Grants

MoreSteam.com desires to provide training grants to support non-profit organizations involved in Green Lean Six Sigma Projects.

If your non-profit organization would benefit from online Lean Six Sigma training, and would apply that training to further the objective of becoming greener, then you may apply for a training grant.

As a quid pro quo, we ask that you share the lessons learned from your Green projects so that other organizations can help spread the best practices that you develop.

You will need to be able to identify a specific Green Six Sigma project in order to receive a training grant. Please contact MoreSteam.com for more information.