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Are Lean Six Sigma Practices Actually Anti-Lean?

If you've been practicing Lean Six Sigma methodology for some time now, you're no stranger to project abandonment. Nowadays, many lean practitioners of all experience levels forget the LSS golden rule: only use the tools you need.

In this month's blog, Leaning out Lean Six Sigma, guest writer Kevin Keller shares his thoughts on why Lean Six Sigma processes and projects are challenging to complete and what we can do to identify these setbacks better.



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MoreSteam is heading down south to Dallas, TX, for AME's annual international conference. Embrace Disruption is this year's theme and will take place on October 17-20.

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A podcast that discusses the art of addition by subtraction

Do quality and manufacturing professionals have more power than the Federal Reserve to address inflation? A recent article from Quality Digest challenges this theory.

Read Quality vs. Inflation and the Deficit

An article on DMAIC Problem Solving

Know someone who is 'green' to lean? Our latest blog discusses the DMAIC roadmap and lays out an easy step-by-step process for each phase. It's perfect for new practitioners!

An article on the importance of lean methodology in leadership

“How does my own approach to leadership hinder continual improvement, creative thinking, effective problem-solving and innovation?” Industry Week's article discusses how important it is for leadership teams to be willing to change course.

Read Lean Won't Work if Leadership Won't Change

An article on food waste and the largest food relief program in the Middle East

Food waste continues to be one of the largest global sustainability issues that we face today. See how the Middle East McKinsey office created the biggest relief effort in their region, delivering over 15.3 million meals in 2020.

Read A relief effort accelerates and expands: The story behind 2.3 million saved meals




"The best lean message shouldn’t be designed to attract leaders who are reluctant to reflect on their own leadership approaches. Rather, the best lean message forthrightly conveys to leaders that the manner in which they lead their organizations must change."

~ Rick Bohan, "Lean Won’t Work if Leadership Won’t Change"


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