September 2020

Finding Innovation During a Pandemic

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A colleague recently mentioned to me that his organization has experienced an innovation bump during the pandemic. During this year of constant change, ideas that had previously been ignored or discarded were, out of necessity, now being embraced. Speed trumped lengthy testing for accuracy.

The upside of these experiments is that many of them turned out to be valuable changes for the organization. His question to me was: "How do I keep this going?"

Read Peg's blog, "Finding Innovation During a Pandemic."

Data management networks

Better Approaches to Data Management

An under-appreciated problem of coping with COVID-19 is bad data. Several data scientists share their observations about better approaches to acquiring, managing, and using data.

Read the MIT SMR article, "To Fight Pandemics, We Need Better Data."



Indiana University Green Belt Certification

Indiana University Kelley School of Business

IU is launching a new online Green Belt certification program in November. The program includes MoreSteam's eLearning course, EngineRoom data analysis, virtual review sessions, and a capstone simulation. 16-week program.

Learn about IU's online Green Belt Certification.



SigmaBrew and Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter

SigmaBrew + Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter

How can coffee shops and zombies help to improve the effectiveness of your Lean Six Sigma training? Both provide compelling story lines with engaging problems to solve. Oct. 1 @ 9 AM EDT.

Register for the Insider Tour of DMAIC sims.

Best Practices for Operational Excellence

Best Practices for Operational Excellence

It's a wrap, but you can still catch up with the recorded sessions from our Fall Best Practices conference. Watch any of the three leadership panels, solutions showcase, or deeper dive sessions at your convenience.

Visit Best Practices on-demand.


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