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In-depth Reports from PMI:  Agile Transformation

Following PMI's Pulse of the Profession research, Forrester Consulting further queried 1,469 practitioners.  They gained insights and examples of how companies are transitioning to a more agile work environment and project approach.  Those surveyed included a mix of people in traditional/waterfall and agile roles. 

Forrester's follow-up work has been published in two reports.  The first report shares how leaders are adapting to change and what support their organizations have provided.  The companion report goes into detail about specific people and process drivers.  Download the reports to learn more and see examples from companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, IBM, and Cerner Corporation.


Read the in-depth reports published by PMI:


Agile Approach to Data Lakes

Data lakes can be integrated with enterprise data warehouses and provide new "self-service" options for business users to generate their own data analyses and reports.  Learn how agile is being applied in the context of this emerging data management technology.   


Read McKinsey's article, "A Smarter Way to Jump into Data Lakes"

Quality Drives Growth

Research conducted by ASQ and Forbes Insights provides companies with a roadmap to better connect quality efforts and corporate performance.  The key findings published earlier this year cover the evolving business value of quality, tools and platforms making a difference, and plans to move forward.


Download the ASQ-Forbes Insights whitepaper, "The Rising Economic Power of Quality"

DCMA Efforts Drive Results

Two years ago, Defense Contract Management Agency team members in Dayton incorporated Continuous Process Improvement into their daily regime.  Air Force Col. Eric Obergfell reviews the five essentials of their CPI program along with some of the project results.


Read "Dayton's Ongoing CPI Efforts Spark Innovation, Results"


Google Shares Management Tools

Sundar Pichaie, Google's CEO, leads by "letting others succeed."  His company offers a variety of instructional guides and tools used by its managers based on years analyzing people analytics.  Subjects include goal setting, hiring, people analytics, teaming, unbiasing, and learning & development. 

.Go to re:Work with Google


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