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To Model, or Not To Model
Pacing Teaching Methods with Technology
Experiment:  Passenger Boarding
LSS Case Studies for Government
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September 2011

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To Model, or Not To Model, That Is the Question

Process modelingTo model, or not to model, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler to model or to suffer
The slings and arrows of a failed live pilot ...

The decision to create a simulation model of an improvement solution is a tough question.  Not quite as tough as Shakespeare's solioquy on the existential nature of life, but a tough decision all the same.  There are many trade-offs to consider, and the answers are not always clear.

The goal of a simulation model is to provide greater insight into a proposed solution; insight which cannot otherwise be readily gained through other methods.  Learn the three questions to ask when faced with choosing between a live pilot versus a simulation.

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Keeping Up:  Pacing Teaching Methods with Technology

Keeping paceIn 1963, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corp. observed the rapid pace of developing technology and predicted that the number of transistors on a chip would continue to approximately double every two years.  The past decades have generally maintained this pace of technical innovation, now know as "Moore's Law", which yields twice the speed at half the cost.

In education and training, advancements have seemed to follow Moore's Law as well.  In the past few years, we've witnessed great technological leaps, with newly styled 'virtual' classrooms with live video feed, downloadable lectures, and archived recordings.  Here are some suggestions on how instructors can continue to support teacher-student relationships while adopting more efficient and effective technologies.




Experimenting with Passenger Boarding

Passenger boardingDoes it really take an astrophysicist to figure out the most efficient way to board an airplane?  Maybe, maybe not.

Jason Steffen, a Fermilab physicist, got tired of the bottlenecks whenever he was boarding a plane.  So he ran a computer model testing different methods of boarding.  He found that allowing passengers to board at random is quicker than the methods currently used.  But the airlines haven't paid attention.

Convinced of his finding, he recently ran a live trial for the online video show "This vs That" and again proved that there is a more efficient way to board airplanes. Anybody listening now?Read Steffen's formal write-up of the experiment.

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LSS in the Public Sector

6SS in GovernmentFrom sea to shining sea and in-between, Lean Six Sigma is delivering results in a variety of public sector applications. Divisions of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Department of Defense, and EPA along with a sampling of local governments have used Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve processes. Read the case studies.

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Standardization Leads to Innovation

Stand-outWhen your business is looking for a transformation or a breakthrough, discard the illusion of free-spirited creative chaos.  Find out how companies such as Apple, Baptist Health System (BHS), Black & Decker, Picatinny Rail and Zappos used collaboration and standards to fuel innovation.  Read "5 Ways That Standardization Can Lead to Innovation".

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QA on Break:  New Rounding Rule?

4 in 10 = Majority?

No matter how we calculate four divided by ten, we still get 40%.  Amuse yourself with other foibles and funny stuff posted by the 21st Century Fluency Project.  (The above example was found under the "Education" category.)


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Did You Know?

iPad MacBookConverts to the Apple computing environment may find themselves fumbling for their old PC keyboard functionality, but you can gain back your speed by using some unpublicized tips.  Find out more by watching the short iPad tutorial and by reading the article posted by Apple Support.

iPad On-screen Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts


FREE Webcast: The Art of Distance Coaching


Empty lecture hall Coaching in the virtual classroom or mentoring remote project teams requires distance coaches to modify their approach and to acquire some additional skills.

Join Peg Pennington, Executive Director of Continuous Improvement for The Center for Operational Excellence at Ohio State, for a free one-hour Webcast and learn more about:

• The new role of a distance coach
• Key characteristics of a good coach
• Tips to prepare for the new role
• Examples of student assessments


Register today:
"The Art of Distance Coaching"
Peg Pennington, Ohio State
Thurs., 10/13 @ 1:30 PM (EDT)


Check Out Our New YouTube Channel


YouTube MoreSteam has officially joined the YouTube community! We've enjoyed sharing clips that we've found pertinent to the Lean Six Sigma community and decided to start developing our own.  In the upcoming months, we'll be rolling out a variety of short videos.  Some will relate to specific Lean Six Sigma tools and resources; others will be just for fun. Stay tuned!

Watch our debut video about EngineRoom®.

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Lean Six Sigma Conference Calendar

October 2011 LSS Calendar

The Lean Six Sigma Conference Calendar provides a central source for upcoming Lean Six Sigma events and helps you to locate a conference in your area of interest.  See what's on the calendar.


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