Free Webinar: Getting Started with DOE

Wednesday, December 6th and 13th - 11:00 am EDT

👉 Why use Design of Experiments?

👉 What are the characteristics that make a good design?

👉 How do you set up an experimental design?

Join us for a two-part webinar covering everything you need to know when getting started with DOE. We'll provide a foundational understanding of what it is and how to conduct one, a full factorial example, in-depth explanations of DOE principles, and more.

Date: Wednesday, December 6th and 13th

Time: 11:00 am EDT - 12:00 pm EDT

Presenter: Smita Skrivanek, MoreSteam's Principal Statistican

Blog by William Hathaway: An Unobstructed View of Customer Requirements

At the heart of good design are two critical elements: empathy and a deep understanding of customer requirements. Bill Hathaway uses two contrasting examples to discuss the importance of good design in everyday life. Check out his humorous and insightful think-piece, An Unobstructed View of Customer Requirements.

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HBR article: How Ai Fits Into Lean Six Sigma

AI already is being used in some areas of process improvement, because it can perform tasks faster and much less expensively than humans alone.

But it will never fully replace people — and that poses management challenges.

Read How AI Fits into Lean Six Sigma

Industry Week article: How to Use Traditional Manufacturing Principles to be More Cybersecure

By applying lean manufacturing principles to cybersecurity, businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and safeguard information. This addresses challenges like lack of awareness and prioritizes security.

Read How to Use Traditional Manufacturing Principles to be More Cybersecure

Master Series: Introduction to Process Modeling for Data-Driven Lean Design

Join us for a new Master Series: Introduction to Process Modeling for Data-Driven Lean Design. Learn how to build process models to pilot and stress test improvements before implementation.

January 10th, 17th, and 24th - 11:00 AM EST


Happy Thanksgiving from the MoreSteam Team!

We hope that all who celebrate have a fun and safe holiday.

We're certainly grateful for you this year!


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