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Building a Strategy for Problem Solving

How do you solve the problem of 1.6 billion people around the world lacking adequate shelter? In its first five years, Habitat for Humanity built 342 houses. This made a tremendous impact on those 342 families, but still left the global social problem. Habitat has continued to evolve its strategy to achieve its ultimate vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. To date, Habitat has helped over 22 million people improve their housing conditions in all the 50 states and 70 other countries. Learn more about their journey and consider the parallels solving problems on a smaller scale.

Read MoreSteam's blog, "Building a Strategy for Problem Solving."

Agile teamwork

3 Changes for Agile Organizations

The team-centered foundation of agile organizations, designed for rapid learning and fast decision cycles, requires a dynamic performance management system to support the culture.

Read the McKinsey article, "Performance Management in Agile Organizations."



Instructing Workers on the Job (1944)

Look Back: Standard Work (1944)

Thanks to Tom Hopkins, an MBB candidate from the United States Postal Service, for sharing this retro look at the early days of standard work. Who learned more -- the supervisor or the worker?

Watch the training film, "Problems in Supervision: Instructing Workers on the Job."



Green Lean Six Sigma

Every Day is Earth Day

Help to eliminate waste and reduce your company's environmental impact 365 days a year. Follow the link below to resources from the EPA, a couple case studies, and a catalog of environmentally-friendly eLearning.

View resources for Green Lean Six Sigma.

Celebrate MBB Certification

Congratulations to Newly Certified MBBs

  • Amit Chandak, USAA
  • Robert Carney, USPS

Learn more about our MBB program that combines online and classroom instruction. Offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.




ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement - Ft. Worth, TX (May 20-22)

Be sure to stop by Booths #311 and #314 to check out all the updates to TRACtion project management and EngineRoom data analysis software. You can also see how our training simulations provide realistic practice for new process improvement professionals.


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