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The Datasaurus Dozen

Remember the Datasaurus dataset created by Alberto Cairo which illustrated the importance of visualizing your data?  Well, two Autodesk researchers recently expanded the demonstration of the importance of doing both statistical calculations and graphs.  It looks like they had a little fun proving that one -without the other- provides an incomplete picture.

In a paper presented at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Justin Matejka and George Fitzmaurice showed how a dozen datasets that share the same summary statistics (mean, standard deviation, and correlation) look very different when plotted. Their paper, which includes the 12 plots, downloadable datasets, and an explanation of their approach, could be a good resource for your training sessions.

Go to "Picture This: Descriptive Statistics Don't Tell the Whole Story"



The Datasaurus data points used by Matejka and Fitzmaurice were created using the DrawMyData tool.  You can draw your own data with this tool.  Just plot a simple image and its dataset is automatically generated. 

Now, if your data doesn't 'look' good, you have only yourself to blame.  Thanks to Robert Grant for developing this cool tool!

Check out DrawMyData

Gemba Walks

Gemba walks are as much about you as a leader as they are about the gembas that you're visiting.  This Lean Enterprise Institute article offers direction for self-reflection to ensure that going to the gemba is actually helping to improve the business.

Read "How Can We Tell" by LEI's Gemba Coach Michael Ballé


So Painfully Obvious

Helping others to see what is so painfully obvious to you is an art and a science . . . and a true discipline. 

Watch "It's Not About the Nail"

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