Multitasking in the workplace is more common than ever. Can we combat this issue through Lean principles?

Reflecting on the Progression of Process Modeling

Our VP of Product Development, Lars Maaseidvaag, recently remembered a blog post he wrote over a decade ago that focused on the merits of creating a virtual prototype of a process.

The truth is, our need to rapidly adapt and change our processes has only deepened. What was once considered an optional exercise done by "the experts" has quickly evolved into standard work for all to prove viability and move quickly. 

Lars refreshed this blog to include his thoughts on process modeling in 2023, and how organizations have completely shifted their opinions on the matter in less than a decade.

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An article by HBR Titled "Decision Trees for Decision-Making"

For more information on Classification and Regression Trees, check out Harvard Business Review's in-depth article on this helpful decision-making tool.

Read Decision Trees for Decision-Making

OSU's 2023 COE Summit On April 11-13th

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An article titled " The Truth About the Four-Day Workweek, From People Who Have Tried It"

The four-day work week remains a hot topic in the post-pandemic work era. But are the subsidized hours increasing efficiency and decreasing waste, or doing the exact opposite?

Read The Truth About the Four-Day Workweek, From People Who Have Tried It

An article on the supply chain predictions and what it means for the future

Congratulations to Scott Gantner for completing his final project portfolio reviews for Master Black Belt certification.

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