Designing Training Programs to Deliver Business Results

The linkage between continuous improvement and learning has never been stronger than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every organization has been pushed out of its comfort zone and forced to view operations and training in a new light. Most training programs have migrated to a virtual or hybrid format. Have you built a stronger learning organization? We found an article that lists 30 techniques that enhance the application of training. You're sure to find a couple new ideas to incorporate into your program.

Read Linking Hybrid Learning to the Business from Chief Learning Officer.

A/B Testing

Pay Attention to "Small" Ideas

When aggregated, small ideas can have a bigger impact with less risk. Test the feasibility of a lot of ideas to seek progress, not instant perfection.

Read the HBR article How Managers Can Build a Culture of Experimentation.

Dr. Andrew Huberman

Sit, Stand, or Both?

Find out what Dr. Andrew Huberman, neuroscientist at the Stanford School of Medicine, has learned about lighting, body posture, noise, and other factors. Listen to the entire podcast or use the timestamps to jump to a topic.

Tune in to Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity.

Six Sigma Belt levels

Finding the Belt that Fits

If you find yourself hesitating when trying to describe the difference between a Yellow Belt and Green Belt, here's a short reference that should help distinguish the typical team roles.

Read Lean Six Sigma Belt Levels Explained.



New Webcast

WEBCAST: Sharing the Story of Your Data

Join Christian Lundberg and Carey Hardin from Vocable Communications for a discussion about how to tell more compelling stories with data. March 23 at 11 AM-Noon Eastern.

Register for Efficient, Effective, and Engaging Communication.

Exec Certificate in Data Science

Notre Dame Registration Open for Fall

MoreSteam has partnered with the University of Notre Dame to offer a 7-week introduction to big data and machine learning for executives. Join the instructor-led sessions starting in September.

View program details and schedule.



COE 2022 Summit

Be sure to stop by our booth at the virtual OSU Center for Operational Excellence Summit which will be held April 6-7. This year's program includes 4 dynamic speakers + 10 breakout sessions.



The Power of Regret

Daniel PInk: How Regrets Can Make Us Better

Best-selling author of Drive and When, Daniel Pink, summarizes his latest book in a TED Talk discussion. Conduct a personal "retro" and see how looking backward moves us forward.

Watch the TED Talk 4 Kinds of Regret and What They Teach You about Yourself.


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