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Listen While You (Walk, Drive, Wash the Car...)

Harvard Business Review offers summaries of their legendary case studies in a podcast series called "Cold Call." Hear leaders from organizations like P&G, IKEA, Goldman Sachs, and many others share insights into their strategies and operations.

Listen to Proctor & Gamble's Lean Innovation Transformation.

Dr. Niki Parikh interview

Six Sigma in the Operating Room

Dr. Niki N. Parikh, a urology resident at Mayo Clinic, talks about the need for healthcare providers to improve efficiency in the operating room and reduce the amount of wasteful time in between cases.

Watch the interview Where Can Gains Be Made?


A Data Table Comes to Life

A summary table may contain all the data, but does your audience get the point? These authors offered eye-catching interactive displays to let the reader discover the key findings.

View the data visualization in this Axios article.


MBB Schedule

Fall In-person Classes Announced

Our classrooms are re-opening for Master Black Belt workshops. Register now to join us!

  • Adv. Statistics & Leadership: Sept. 13-17
  • Adv. Lean & Finance: Nov. 15-19

Learn more about the MBB program.

Notre Dame

Executive Certificate in Data Science

Develop your data analytics expertise in our new partner program with the University of Notre Dame. Learn the basics of machine learning and big data, as applied to process improvement challenges. Fall sessions will be held virtually Sept. 21 - Nov. 4.

See the program details.


NEW in EngineRoom

Our EngineRoom team recently released several updates to the VOC Chain to make it easier to transfer your data from one tool to another during the design process. Your information will auto-populate the next template to reduce work and potential for mistakes. Login to see these new features for yourself!

  • Pugh Analysis tool has been updated.
  • New Design Scorecard has been introduced.
  • Data can now be automatically passed from Affinity Diagram to CTQC, Cause & Effect, QFD, Pugh Analysis, and Design Scorecard.

Congratulations to Newly Certified MBB

Congratulations to Andrew Clark, Cardinal Health, for passing the MBB certification exams and project portfolio review. Learn more about our MBB program that combines online and classroom instruction. Offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.


New Partner

MoreSteam recently welcomed a new partner to our network. GENEDGE was approved as a consulting partner to offer our training courses and simulations to manufacturing, technology, and engineering companies throughout Virginia.

View our full list of partners.


"Opportunity comes packaged in many boxes and it often shows up with no return address. The sender is history, and she does not accept returns. Once the package is opened, you accept the gift, and you embrace the demands attached to it."

Nierenberg, A. May 2021. 14 Excerpts from Commencement Speeches Without the Word C*vid. New York Times.

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