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Not everything that is measured matters. Not everything that matters can be measured.

“I beat my ghost!” Pumping my fist into the air as I shouted, I crossed the imaginary finish line to victory. There was no medal waiting for me, no one clapping — but still, I knew I had achieved a stationary bike victory at the gym this week...

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Connected Network

How to Get Data & Design in Lockstep

Learn how top performers integrate design with data analytics across the organization to yield superior business-process improvement results.

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TED Talk: Hamdi Ulukaya

Prioritizing People: Profit vs. True Wealth

Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani's Founder and CEO, evangelizes his audience to see beyond corporate boards and invest in consumers, employees, and community members. Sounds like Lean leadership, doesn't it?

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Sustainable Culture Rooted in Lean

Building a Sustainable Lean Culture

Aravind Chandrasekaran and John Toussaint outline what organizations can do to sustain a continuous-improvement culture that continues to thrive throughout leadership changes.

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Real Projects, Real Results

Combine online learning with in-person workshops to achieve the respected credential of Green Belt, Black Belt, or Master Black Belt certification. Registration is now open - join us this fall!

Learn more about Lean Six Sigma certifications.

Celebrate MBB Certification

Congratulations to Newly Certified MBB

  • Donald Stup, USPS

Learn more about our MBB program that combines online and classroom instruction. Offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.



xkcd - 882 Significant

p-Hacking: Truth by Sound Byte

Ever been left to tell "the rest of the story" of statistical results? You'll appreciate this comic depiction. And, if you're a real stats geek, share the detailed wiki discussion with your team!

See this full comic and others at xkcd - Significant.


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