Supply chain disruption: the primary concern that continues to be at the forefront of many organizations' strategy building. Two years have passed since Covid-19's inception, and supply chain concerns seem compunded.

In this month's blog, Supply Chain Disruptions - The Revenge of Variation, our CEO William Hathaway dives into the ongoing global supply chain problems and what to do about the variation at the root of the problem.

a man multi-tasking

Looking Ahead: Next Month's Blog

Labor shortages are forcing us to do the same work with fewer people, leading to more multitasking behavior. However, numerous studies show that the more multitasking we do, the more errors we make. Resident Ph.D. and Master Black Belt Lars Maaseidvaag will discuss how we can avoid this using Lean methods.



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Supply chain disruptions and labor constraints are challenging operations across many industries. Join us on October 26th, November 2nd and 9th for a supply chain master series, as our resident Ph.D. and Master Black Belt Lars Maaseidvaag models various scenarios using the Process Playground.



An article that details a common design issues

Can You Design Against Complexity?

A recent article published by presented a challenge that most designers face when presented with an intricate and detailed issue. The key to designing for complexity? Avoid it altogether.

Read Designing Against Complexity

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America is continuing to feel the effects of The Great Retirement as organizations search for more unique ways to incentivize new hires. The latest “soft benefit” trending in the tech world is the four-day work week. Let’s say your company was thinking about making the switch. 

  • How would you go about ‘eliminating’ eight hours’ worth of waste per week per employee while still maintaining your key performance indicators? 
  • Would reducing work hours maximize process efficiency or hinder it? How will human nature affect that data? 
  • Assume you came to this decision after employing DMAIC to solve the problem. What would you do in the control phase to ensure that your KPIs are met and employee morale remains high?

Don't forget to secure your spot for our supply chain master series! Upon completing this three-week virtual course, you'll earn a certificate in supply chain modeling. The first class kicks off on August 10th!

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