Our team is getting back together!

As companies begin to negotiate their paths back to pre-pandemic operations, we're hearing the term "return to work" a lot. The problem with that term: we never left work. We just brought work home and learned to juggle a different work-home balance.

Now that nearly half of the country is fully vaccinated, MoreSteam, like many other companies, is mapping out what office life will be as we emerge from the pandemic. Peg Pennington shares a few insights about MoreSteam's approach and how the plan aligns with the Lean culture.

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Data trend

Data, Data, and More Data

One thing that the COVID pandemic has provided is an abundance of data. Data visualizations on popular sites like the CDC and John Hopkins often appear in the news. Here's an example to ponder: is it informative? or overwhelming?

See Our World in Data's interactive chart that brings life to a database.



Bring Your Process Maps to Life

WEBCAST: Intro to Process Modeling - July 27

Static maps can be great tools to communicate a snapshot of the state of the world. However, nothing happens "on average." Learn how a virtual process model reveals trouble spots. 60 min.

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Mapping Your Workflows

Mapping Master Series Available On-Demand

Taking a visual approach to process mapping is at the heart of the Lean problem-solving system. Visualizing a process is a team sport; it's as much about change management and teamwork as it is about getting data. Learn more about this series.

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Green Belt - Black Belt

Fall Cohort Kicks Off Sept. 2

Looking for a credential to advance your career? Our Lean Six Sigma certification packages include our bestselling online courses supplemented with a hands-on workshop and supported by a personal coach. Everything you need to be successful!

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"At the end of the day, I always say, nobody cares about your story unless you win it." -Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns, after 2021 NBA Finals loss to Milwaukee Bucks

You can agree or disagree, but the thing to notice is that this is how a championship loss feels to a 15-year NBA veteran, 11-time All-Star, winner of an NBA Rookie of the Year Award, an NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, and two Olympic gold medals.


Good thing to keep in mind for any coach. Be it a loss on the court or on a project that hits a dead end, team members sometimes need to be reminded of their contributions in the bigger picture. Sometimes, the long game provides a different perspective than the short game.


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