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Sometimes, our CI path intersects with wider mass-culture. Such is the case with Marie Kondo's systematic approach to organizing. Kondo teaches that the determining factor for keeping or tossing an item is to hold it in your hand and ask the question "Does this spark joy?" If not, the item gets tossed or donated. While I don’t recall hearing Lean practitioners talk about "joy," the overlap between the two methods is undeniable. Take a look and see if you agree.

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Changing the game

The Real Driver of Disruption

The standard way of thinking is that technology and startups are driving disruption. However, it is customers who drive disruption. How can companies keep up?

Read the HBR article, "Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology."



Lancaster Colony products

A Continuous Improvement Mindset

"On the day you become the best, what do you do the next day?" queries Lancaster Colony CEO David Ciesinski. Fifty years since its initial public offering, Ciesinski is leading the way to better their best.

Read the IndustryWeek article, "Forget the Best, Lancaster Colony Aims to Be Better."




Battling Bureaucracy & Broken Processes

Join MoreSteam President, Peg Pennington, for a live discussion about using Lean Management Systems to reduce complexity for customers and employees. August 1 at 11:00 AM EDT. This session will be recorded and available post-event.

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Chart Noir trailer

Chart Noir: Coming Soon to eLearning

Ever look at an XmR chart and wonder what's wrong with this picture? Follow the clues with SPC to solve the mystery. The chart tells the story in this new video by MoreSteam Productions.

Watch the Chart Noir trailer.

Master Black Belt Program

Registration Open for September MBB Class

Advance your career with our MBB program that combines online and classroom instruction. Offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Next class: September 16-20 on the OSU campus.

Learn more about the MBB program.




OPEX Summer 2019 Business Transformation Leaders Summit: August 26-29

Join us at OPEX Summer19 in San Diego, CA. Use our exclusive sponsor discount code ‘MORESTEAM_10’ to get 10% off a standard ticket price. Hope to see you there!

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