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Arizona desert wave

Unexpected Testimonial for the State of Arizona

Anyone who has been involved with organizational process improvement initiatives will tell you that it’s hard work. It’s particularly difficult to reach all employees and really change the organizational mindset, and that’s why the story I’m going to relate is so impressive.

Read Bill Hathaway's new blog, "Process Performance is the Best Politics."



Jabil's World-class Lean Culture Recognized

Jabil was recently awarded the top three spots in the 'Competition Category' at the 2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) conference.

Read the article "Jabil Lean Makes Powerful Statement at IISE Awards."


Chris Spranger

"Don't Just Manage Change, Inspire Change"

Chris Spranger, CEO - Spranger Business Solutions

Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 11:00 AM - Noon EDT

What are the missing elements of effective change in most Lean Six Sigma projects? Join us for a discussion about targeted strategies to enable a smooth implementation of change.

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TRACtion Tools

NEW! Link Your Internal References in TRACtion

Helpful references such as budget worksheets, regulatory checklists, customer survey data, and benchmarking reports can be loaded in any of the TRACtion roadmaps.

See a list of updates at What's New in TRACtion.

EngineRoom Stakeholder Template

Stakeholder Analysis Template in EngineRoom

Develop a plan to keep stakeholders actively engaged to ensure projects are successful and the changes are sustained. This template guides you to identify both internal and external stakeholders and then to create a communications plan for the project's duration.

View an example of the Stakeholder Template.



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