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Are you familiar with Cal Newport's research on "deep work"? Newport is a computer scientist at Georgetown University and author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. There’s a great deal of Newport’s research on "deep work" that connects to the world of operational excellence. For example, how do you balance working in the business with spending concentrative time working on the business? Should deep work be included in leader standard work?

Read Peg Pennington's blog, "Can you schedule your a-ha moment?"

At the Movies: Lessons from Ford v. Ferrari

Process improvement. Systems thinking. Design prototyping. Ford v. Ferrari has it all mixed in with its fast cars and dramatization of Ford's relentless pursuit of victory at the 24 Hours at Le Mans.

Read the MIT News article, "Business Lessons from Ford v. Ferrari."

Learning technology

Technology to Enable Multimodal Learning

See what the Association of Talent Development (ATD) considers to be trending training methods that provide learners with hands-on experience.

Read the ATD article, "Transforming Learning Experiences."

PE training technology

2 Minute Read: Redesigning PE Class

Consider how this concept of using technology (Fitbit) to redefine a traditional gym class might be applied to your traditional training classes. How can you improve outcomes with technology and offer participants more flexibility and control?

Read the article, "Gym Class Without the Gym?"



Process Playground

NEW! Web-based Discrete Event Simulation

Build a virtual prototype in Process Playground to think through and see potential problems before they show up in the real world with real customers.

View an example in Process Playground.

Ruben Del Toro, Southwest Airlines

WEBCAST: Data, Innovation, & CI at Southwest

Learn more about "CI the Southwest Way." Join Ruben Del Toro for a discussion on how Southwest continues to transform its business by integrating Continuous Improvement, Data Science, and Innovation.

Register for the Jan. 30th webcast.




OPEX Week Business Transformation World Summit - Orlando, FL (Jan. 21-24)

Be sure to drop by Booth #21 to see the first web-based discrete event simulation app, Process Playground. Sign up for the 30-day free trial!

ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference - Phoenix, AZ (Feb. 23-25)

Our senior leadership team is looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix. Check the schedule so you can join their conference sessions. "Practice Makes Perfect: Better Learning with Simulation" and "Data Analysis for Quality 4.0: EngineRoom Workshop" will be offered on Monday (24th); "Lean IT: The Secret Sauce for IT Transformation" is scheduled for Tuesday morning (25th).

Leading Through Excellence Summit - Columbus, OH (April 7-9)

The Ohio State University Center for Operational Excellence is hosting its 8th-annual summit. You can save through your partnership with MoreSteam. Enter discount code “moresteam” at checkout and save an additional 10% off existing non-member discounts, for total savings of up to $350 per person!

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