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Better Methods for Better Learning

What is the most effective way to learn — reading or listening? We consistently hear from our students that they like the option of learning through two channels (such as reading + audio) at once, especially for complex subjects. This feedback highlights the central benefit of blended learning models – using a combination of rich learning methods. Here are some important conclusions of various academic studies along with commentary on MoreSteam's experience.

Read Bill Hathaway's blog, "Better Methods to Learn Better Methods."

Doodle of finish flag

Where Are You Setting Your Finish Line?

If ever you need to reinforce the point that a project isn't done until the improvement has been sustained, here's a short video montage that drives that point home. Remember the "C" in DMAIC.

Watch "Don't Celebrate Too Early."



Brenda Sugrue. Photo by Brian Flaherty.

EY's Brenda Sugrue Named CLO of the Year

Sugrue shares insights about learning design and measurement from her role as global chief learning officer for EY, a professional services organization with over 260,000 employees. She discusses the advantages of designs that include realistic practice and monitoring mechanisms.

Read the Chief Learning Officer interview.



Reduce waste with Lean 1-2-3

We Can Help with at Least One Resolution

Like trying to whittle down that holiday waistline, it's a challenge to trim waste at work. Lean 1-2-3 combines short online courses with a team-based simulation. Learn. Practice. Melt the waste away.

Learn more about Lean 1-2-3.

TRACtion Charter Wizard

TRACtion's New Charter Wizard

Summon the Wizard to help you quickly create a clear, concise project plan. This new feature provides hints, suggestions, and prompts to streamline this initial project step.

Take a look at TRACtion's Charter Wizard.


Congratulations to Newly Certified MBBs

  • Nicole Batulis, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
  • Steven Mummy, USPS
  • Rick Thompson, USPS
  • Shih-Wa Tsai, AbbVie

Learn more about our MBB program offered in partnership with The Ohio State University.

Save the date

Calling All Process Excellence Leaders in Europe

Join us for our Best Practices Conference at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany on April 2-4, 2019. Invitation-only. No registration fee. Please help us spread the word to your colleagues in Europe!

Contact Kathy Miller for details and registration.




Business Transformation World Summit 2019 - Orlando, FL (January 21-25)

2019 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference - Phoenix, AZ (March 4-5)


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