MoreNews For Operational Excellence - February 2023

"PDCA is simpler than DMAIC.”

“You can't perform DMAIC in a day.”

“An A3 is a 'fill in the blank' template for reporting.”

Believing that there are “hard and fast rules” for popular problem-solving roadmaps can pigeonhole you into doing more work than is necessary.

Our latest blog dives into these roadmaps and squashes some of the common myths surrounding them.

 A webcast about process capability with non-normal data

Join us for our next free webcast: Process Capability with Non-Normal Data.

Omar Mora will discuss analysis options when faced with non-normal data.

March 22, 2023 @ 12:00 PM EST

A TedTalk titled "Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy"

What if the term 'leadership' applied to everyone in the workplace, not just a select few?

Gitte Frederiksen discusses "distributed leadership" and how it allows teams to do better.

Watch the TedTalk.

St. Sigma is now available in all standard Green and Black Belt courses.

All standard MoreSteam Green and Black Belt courses now feature the St. Sigma DMAIC simulation.

A McKinsey article titled "Into all problem-solving, a little dissent must fall"

Current events in recent years have encouraged executives to embrace diverse viewpoints when solving complicated workplace problems.

This McKinsey article outlines best practices for 'contributory dissent.'

Read the article.

Register for our free webcast, Using Modeling to Teach Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC

Kevin Keller's free webcast, Using Modeling to Teach Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC is this Wednesday, February 22nd at 11 AM EST.

Learn how to refresh your virtual Lean Six Sigma training by using a powerful teaching tool, process modeling.

Enroll today to earn your Master Black Belt certification

Have you been a Black Belt for a few years? Consider taking your career to the next level by earning your Master Black Belt certification through MoreSteam and The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Learn more about our program.

Four MoreSteam employees will be presenting at this year's ASQ Lean and Six Sigma conference

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be presenting not one but four different presentations at this year’s ASQ Lean and Six Sigma conference in Phoenix on February 26-28, 2023.

Register and learn more about the conference.


Don't forget to register for next month's webcast!

Omar Mora of Blackberry&Cross will discuss best practices for performing a capability analysis with non-normal data.

This free webcast is on March 22nd at 12 PM EST.

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