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The MoreSteam team celebrating the company holiday party both in-person and virtually. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Few experts in this industry have seen and experienced as much Continuous Improvement transformation as Mike Carnell. The Lean Six Sigma veteran has dedicated his career to perfecting the craft and educating the masses on this groundbreaking method.

Bill Hathaway had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike and discussing all things Six Sigma, from his time at Motorola to how he became a published author and everything in between.

Bonus! This case study includes the full audio interview. Give it a listen and respond to this email if you’d like to see more blogs or case studies in this style.



Enroll in our fall blended green or black course

Our new program schedules for Blended Green Belt and Black Belt are here! Make 2023 your year by advancing your Lean Six Sigma education.

Learn more about our Green and Black Belt blended programs and take the leap today.

A free Machine Learning webinar in January

Join us virtually on January 26th at 1 PM EST for a Machine Learning Webinar. 

Hosted by MoreSteamers Xander Hathaway and Nick LaRosa, this presentation covers the lessons learned from applying various machine learning algorithms to tease out which inputs (“features”) of training best predict learner success.



An article that lays out Toyota's success during the pandemic due to Lean practices

It seems that no industry felt the impact of Covid more than the auto industry. But Toyota, sticking to their applications of Lean manufacturing, became the top automobile seller in 2021 in North America. 

Learn how TPS (the Toyota Production System) doubled down on Lean concepts rather than abandoning them in a time of crisis.

An article on the ten commandments of continuous improvement

We all know that CI methods are imperative for an organization’s success. But we’ve also all experienced the same dilemma overcoming the obstacles that get in the way. 

This article offers ten essential principles of Continuous Improvement to reference when aligning (or realigning) your organization’s core values.

An article on using statistics to pull successful data

There are four questions in statistics under the categories of description, probability, inference, and homogeneity.

Understanding the relationship between these four areas is essential for successful data analysis.

Read The Secret of Data Analysis


The world is moving fast, and we want to help you keep up. We have a lot of free learning opportunities for personal and professional development in the works for 2023. Stay tuned!

From our team to yours, thank you for the opportunity to help you make important things work better. We treasure your partnership and continued support. 

Warm wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

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