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The Art and Science of Study Halls

MoreSteam President Peg Pennington recently chatted with two experienced virtual study hall leaders, Chris Spranger of Spranger Business Solutions and Strategic Quality Solutions’ Maria Fry. The three agree that there might be nothing more valuable to students than coaches connecting one-on-one.

Balancing the dynamic features of study halls - targeted instruction, on-the-fly group discussions, and varied attendee needs - make them as much an art as a science.

Read 4 Keys to Making Your Virtual Study Halls a Success.

Tandem bicycle

Sponsorship, Mentorship, Apprenticeship

While sponsorship and mentorship roles are typically held by senior staff, apprenticeship is an excellent way to get peers involved with teaching skills and modeling behaviors.

Read Reviving the Art of Apprenticeship to Unlock Continuous Skill Development.

Data analysis

Listen to the Data, Don't Torture the Data

Dr. Donald Wheeler provides a compelling reminder that all data analysis must start with determining whether or not the data are reasonably homogeneous. Don't assume it is–any analysis of observational data that does not begin with a process behavior chart is fundamentally flawed. Let the data tell the story. Don't craft the story you expect to hear.

Read Torturing the Data.



Green Belt & Black Belt training

Kickoff for Next Cohort is Feb. 24th

Our coaches support your success with virtual study halls and one-on-one coaching time to reinforce your learning and guide your project work. Set a plan to boost your career in 2022.

See details about our Blended Black Belt and Blended Green Belt programs.



Lean Arcade

NEW! A Fun Way to Teach Lean

Lean Arcade is a gamified crash course in Lean concepts and tools. Level up your team power with an arcade of 8 gamified Lean lessons. Suitable for team training sessions, large group events, and more! Completion Time: 2-3 hrs.

Learn more about our Lean Arcade.


From our team to yours, thank you for the opportunity to help you make important things work better. We treasure your partnership. Warm wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

-The MoreSteam Team


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