December 2020

from our MoreSteam team to yours

Working together to make 2021 better...hope to see you in person soon

In mid-March 2020, the majority of our staff joined the global movement underway and gathered computers, monitors, desk chairs, and other necessities to furnish our working spaces at home. For us, working virtually has been easier than for most. After all, that's our business.

We hope that we've helped you meet the challenges you faced in the past year—be it through one of our products, webcasts, articles, or just a conversation to noodle things over. We are grateful that you consider us a partner and look forward to supporting your continued success in the new year.

~The MoreSteam Team

Choosing words for problem statements

Problem Statements and Word Choice

After writing a problem statement for your project, check to see if it follows SMART-goal terminology, and then do one last check. Word choice. How will the specific words influence the project team's perspective and problem-solving approach?

Read Harvard Business Review's Struggling to Solve a Problem? Try Reframing It.



TRACtion's Idea Scoring

TRACtion's New Idea Scoring

Take a look at TRACtion's newest feature to help you select the most impactful projects. Idea Scoring lets you create customized factors and weights and then displays a portfolio-view to see a summary of how the ideas compare.

See an example of how Idea Scoring works.

EngineRoom Instructor Slides

EngineRoom Instructor Slide Sets

Introduce your students to all the process improvement tools with a step‐by‐step tour of how to use each tool in EngineRoom. No need to prepare extra class materials—use ours!

View the list of available slide sets.

Meet EngineRoom & its product manager

Meet EngineRoom's Product Manager

Learn why some of the biggest companies in the world including Google, Uber, and Southwest Airlines use EngineRoom to analyze data and manage process improvement projects.

Go to the full article and interview.



Blended Lean Six Sigma Green - Black Belt training

Registration for Blended Green Belt & Black Belt

Achieve your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification. Online coursework is supported by virtual group study halls and individual coaching. Course manual and workshop included. Join us for the Spring Cohort kickoff on Feb. 25th.

See the details for Green Belt or Black Belt.



OPEX Live Week

Visit Us at OPEX Week

MoreSteam President Peg Pennington, will be hosting a Leadership Boardroom virtual forum for senior leaders looking to drive a strong OPEX culture within their organizations. We hope to see you at the workshop or stopping by our virtual booth!

Visit the OPEX Week Live conference site.


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