Moving Lean Simulations to a Virtual Setting

"When we started down the path of delivering sims virtually, I thought that it would be for a brief period, and then things would go back to 'the way they were.' It's obvious to me now that hybrid work is here to stay."

Moving our simulations to a virtual setting three years ago happened out of necessity. But as leadership expert Tsedal Neeley stated, "remote and hybrid work are the new reality. And now, we have to figure out how to make them work for all of us."

MoreSteam President Peg Pennington reflects on how far we've come in just three years of moving Inbox to a virtual setting.


🌎 A hybrid or remote work model is also a great way to go green! We believe that Lean and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Follow along with us on LinkedIn this month as we highlight easy ways to make sustainable changes in your everyday life in the fight against climate change. 🌎

Article titled "When Quality and Sustainability Meet"

"When quality and sustainability meet, the result is a harmonious combination of two important principles that drive businesses and consumers toward a better future."

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An article titled "How Sustainability Efforts Fall Apart"

Can Orgs Scale Sustainability Efforts?

Sustainability efforts in the workplace are becoming more popular, which is a great start. But how can we overcome the hurdles associated with systemically scaling these actions?

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MoreSteam President Peg Pennington is a keynote speaker for this year's AME Lean Summit conference in Charlotte. The conference is May 1-3.

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Come say hello in Pennsylvania from May 7-10 for ASQ's World Conference on Quality and Improvement. Peg is giving a presentation on "The 7 Tools of Quality Revisited."



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Register for our newest Master Series: Changing the Blame Game with Root Cause Analysis. This program will discuss ways that RCA reduces everyday process problems and includes 365 days of full access to EngineRoom.

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Congratulations to Jamie Seavello, Randy Mitchell, and Francisco Gutierrez for completing their final project portfolio reviews for Master Black Belt certification.

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