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Is this your organization? Leandro DalleMule and Thomas Davenport report that less than half of an organization's structured data is used to make decisions and over 70% of employees have access to data they should not. Bookmark the link below to read their article published in the May-June 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review . They offer a framework for data management that includes trade-offs between "defensive" (ensure data security, privacy, regulatory compliance & governance) and "offensive" (improve competitive position & profitability) uses of data.

Read the HBR article, "What's Your Data Strategy?"


Data: Steve Ballmer's New Website

Take a few minutes to explore the beta website, , for its visual display of information. Even if you're not interested in better understanding the U.S. government's finances, it's quite impressive.

Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, partnered with the Artefact design studio to launch this new site that presents mountains of U.S. government data into easily understandable infographics. And, if Ballmer's group can get us to understand 30 years of data from more than 60+ government agencies, surely we can bring a couple of his group's approaches to better communicate 'the numbers' within our own organizations.

Read "Steve Ballmer Spends Millions to Redesign Government Information" in Fast Co. Design

Kata: Get Started & Practice

If you're looking for resources for Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata that any leader can use, look at what we found from Mike Rother, co-author of two Shingo Award winning LEI workbooks.

Through his affiliation with the University of Michigan, he's posted downloadable kata materials including: slide decks, a practice guide, starter tools, and even a poster. You can also explore the other branches of his website for videos, reading, and links to help you with laying the groundwork to develop scientific thinking by practicing kata.

Go to Toyota Kata "Materials to Download"


KPIs:  Meaningful, Measurable, and Manageable

Nicole Batulis, Program Leader at The Value Institute Learning Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, shares her insights about developing key performance indicators.  Key points include: limit your KPIs to three to six metrics, include both outcome and process metrics, and keep the 3Ms in mind.

Read the iSixSigma article, "Developing Key Performance Indicators"


Peg Pennington and Bill Hathaway to Present

Join Peg and Bill for their break-out session, "Operational Excellence: Standardizing Leaders' Work" on Monday, May 1st. Just as standard work has been introduced at the front line, it is finding its way into the executive ranks as a means to sustain and advance operational excellence. This session will focus on how to design a leadership development process and leader standard work to drive a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Peg Pennington

Executive Director - Center for Operational Excellence

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

Bill Hathaway,

President and CEO


Watch the 1-minute session preview for more insight into the topics covered in this break-out session.  Hope to see you there!

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