Scrapping Traditional Product Development Practices

If you’re reading this, chances are good that in the last couple years, you’ve been part of a product or process redesign and heard: “Let’s figure this out, and fast.”

I was thinking about how much of a pandemic-era reality this has become for all of us, as process improvement professionals and as consumers, when I came across an article titled “Unlearning What Toyota Taught Us.” The article highlights how automotive innovators like Tesla are “ripping Toyota’s game plan to shreds” by breaking tradition with decades-old product development practices.

Read how these innovators are doing it in Auto Industry Innovations Showcase the Possibilities of Process Modeling.

Diverse customers

Designing for a Broad Range of Customers

From Emory University’s Acute Care Design and Innovation Center, Dr. Monique Smith explains why traditional customer analysis no longer works.

Read How to Design Products and Services a Diversifying Customer Base Will Love.

2x2 matrix

7 Criteria for Successful Frameworks

Why are some frameworks, like a SWOT analysis, growth share matrix, and Porter's Five Forces integrated into businesses across industries for decades while others collect dust?

Read What Makes Successful Frameworks Rise Above the Rest.



Lean snowman

Lean Problem Solving

Many people across your organization will benefit from learning simple problem-solving approaches. Others face more complex business problems that require advanced problem-solving techniques.

'Right'-size your training with Lean 1-2-3.



Certified Master Black Belt

Congrats to Newly Certified MBB

Congratulations to Andy Carroll, Framatome, for completing his final project portfolio review for Master Black Belt certification. Learn more about our MBB program offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.




”OK, I never thought this would happen, but you were right – one day I might just enjoy this stuff, and maybe that day is today." (Green Belt) The nice thing about teaching and coaching is to inspire people and experience that moment when they realize how beneficial Lean Six Sigma is. —Almut Nagel, oConsulting


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