Sustainable Training Routines for Operational Excellence

About a month ago, NPR ran a Hidden Brain podcast called "Creatures of Habit." 

I was struck by how much of this conversation applies to our practice area of process improvement, where we could use some fresh thinking to surmount some of the challenges of building sustainable systems for improvement. So much effort is put into training to build skills, but all too often there is little energy devoted to building the structures and systems necessary to ensure that those skills are applied as intended....

Continue reading Bill Hathaway's blog, Habitual Process Improvement.


Using Historical Data to Make Predictions

Lean production is predicated upon having predictable processes. Donald Wheeler discusses how the generic, three-sigma limits of a process behavior chart define a broad model of predictable and economic behavior.

Read Analyzing Observational Data.


3 Tips for Translating Complex Data

Here are a few ideas to polish your graphical depictions of information to make it easier for your audience to understand the data and get the point.

Read Understanding the Role of Memory in Effective Data Visualization.



New Webcast

WEBCAST: Data Storytelling

Join Christian Lundberg and Carey Hardin from Vocable Communications for a discussion about how to tell more compelling stories with data. March 23 at 11 AM-Noon Eastern.

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Discipline is My Best Friend

One of our consulting partners, Mike Orzen, shares his reflections about how effective lean thinking can become when applied to personal principles and aligned with daily routines.

Read What COVID Taught Me.

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