Charting Process Behavior (SPC) Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1:
    Course Introduction
    The Six Sigma Improvement Process
    Measurement & Metrics
    Trend Chart Toolset
    Histogram Toolset
    Quantifying Process Variability
    SPC - Introduction and Background
    SPC - Introduction to Control Charts
    SPC - Control Chart Limits
    SPC - More On Control Limits
    Implementing SPC
    SPC Chart Selection
    Rational Subgrouping Toolset
    X and Moving Range Charts - Toolset
    Attribute Control Chart Toolset
    X-bar and R Chart Toolset
    The Normal Distribution
    Process Capability Toolset
    Advanced SPC Charts I
    Advanced SPC Charts II
    Exercises and Quiz
    Course Completion