Lean Six Sigma Overview

Gain a broad understanding of continuous improvement methodology and concepts.

Lean Six Sigma Overview

Gain a broad understanding of continuous improvement methodology and concepts.


  • Understand how Lean Methods and Six Sigma are integrated into a single process
  • Superior instructional design with user-friendly navigation
  • Clear & compelling content
  • Easy access from your computer, tablet, or phone
  • Course access for a year
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Price: $200 (plus applicable sales tax)

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Included in this course

  • 4 hours of training

  • Support for technical or content-related questions

  • Software integration and tutorials

  • Available in several industry "flavors": Manufacturing (default), Healthcare, Financial Services, and Service Industry. Custom flavors available upon request, for additional cost

  • Available in 8 languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portguese, Italian, Polish, and French

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    Includes a free one-year subscription to EngineRoom Software ($300 value)

Skills Covered

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    5 Lean Principles

  • correctcircle

    8 Forms of Waste

  • correctcircle

    Sigma Level Calculation

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    DMAIC — The Improvement Process

  • correctcircle

    Lean Six Sigma Framework

  • correctcircle

    Integration of Lean and DMAIC

  • correctcircle

    Input Determines Output y=f(x)

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    The 99.9% Problem

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  • "I hope all of the people doing this course will enjoy it as much as I did. Sit back, concentrate, learn, and enjoy!"

    – Philippe Flerens, EGL

  • "Excellent, detailed course which can be applied to all levels of an organization. I will get to work immediately in applying the new skills to my everyday work practices."

    – Matthew Sweet, EGL

  • "This class is an outstanding tool, I would encourage folks to use it not only as a tool at work but as a life lesson. Apply some of these tools and practices to manage your finances, or your healthcare with your medical provider, use the tools to ask good questions of your mechanic. Etc."

    – Tom Moran, Velcro

  • "Well thought-out training and easy to navigate."

    – Lori Slayton, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

  • "An excellent introduction to a complex yet extremely useful subject."

    – Kevin Quigley

  • "Excellent to gain an introductory understanding of how to improve quality and reduce variability in a lean process."

    – Carmella Ruberto, OSU JobReady

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You can access the course anywhere you can get on the Internet — simply log in to the portal from your computer, tablet, or phone.

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How long does this training take?

You have 365 days to complete the course, which represents about 19 hours of training. You are welcome to go at your own pace and complete it all within one week or over the course of several months.

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Of course! Group discounts are available. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

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