Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) for Products Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1: Introduction
    Design for Six Sigma Introduction
    Closing the Gap
    Better Aim Through DFSS
    Improving Lifecycle Cost
    DFSS and DMAIC
    What is Design for Six Sigma?
    The Alphabet Soup of DFSS
    Process Phase-Gates
    Design Leverage
    How To Use This Course
    Keeping Track of Where You Are
    DFSS Achievements
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 2: Define
    Project Selection Toolset
    Project Charter Toolset
    Project Tracking Toolset
    Obtaining the Voice of The Customer
    Market Segmentation
    Understanding Customer Requirements
    Listening to All the Voices
    Where to Go For Customer Requirements
    Conducting Surveys
    Survey Considerations
    Surveys - Sampling Frame
    Structuring Survey Questions
    Affinity Diagram Toolset
    CTQC Tree Diagram Toolset
    Operational Definition Toolset
    Voice Of The Customer As Specifications
    Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 3: Concept
    QFD Toolset
    The Core Principle of DFSS
    Process Capability Toolset
    Beyond Customer Requirements
    Encouraging The Creative Process
    Narrowing Down The List of Ideas
    Pugh Concept Selection Toolset
    Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 4: Design
    Design Development
    Results By Design
    Design Scorecard
    More on QFD
    Correlation and Regression Analysis
    Multiple Regression Toolset
    FMEA Toolset
    Product and Process Reliability
    Basic Reliability Calculations
    Transfer Function Toolset
    Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 5: Optimize
    Building a Process Model
    From Process Diagram to Process Model
    Predicting Process Performance With Simulation
    Process Playground - Online Discrete Event Simulation
    Monte Carlo Toolset
    Tolerance Design & Optimization Toolset
    Response Surface Methods
    Optimization with Response Surface Methods
    Continuous Flow Optimization Toolset
    Design For Lean - Supply Chain Dynamics
    QFD: Building The Fourth House
    Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 6: Verify
    Other Aspects of Verification
    The Process Control Plan
    Testing a Design
    Achieving Reliability Through Testing
    Robust Design and Taguchi Methods
    Minimum Run Resolution V Designs Toolset
    Robustness Testing Practice
    Piloting a Design
    Evolutionary Operation Toolset
    Ending a Project
    Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Course Completion
    The Lean Six Sigma Journey