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Since 2000, MoreSteam has been the leading global provider of online training and Blended Learning technology for Lean Six Sigma and process improvement.

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MoreSteam has worked with large global deployments for over a decade, helping to support their training goals and improve the quality of their training graduates.

What Sets MoreSteam e-Learning Apart and Above

Online training in Lean Six Sigma

When you choose MoreSteam as your process improvement provider, you receive the highest quality of online training available. Here's why:


  • Over 250 hours of engaging content for Lean Six Sigma and process improvement
  • Off-the-shelf, ready-to-use courses ranging from a Lean Six Sigma overview to Black Belt to DFSS training
  • Course customization and configuration services to develop curriculums to meet your learning objectives
  • Foreign-language e-Learning content available in Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French
  • Administrative access to our Learning Management System (LMS) so you can closely monitor students' progress and manage training waves
  • Master Black Belt training and certification jointly administered with The Ohio State University Fisher School of Business

Providing Technology that Supports Your Deployment

We also support process improvement initiatives with a suite of online tools and technology that help you manage and streamline your certification processes, create a more practice-based classroom experience, and cut the cost for data analysis needs.

These solutions include:

Supporting Blended Learning Initiatives

Blended Learning offers the most robust training model

Organizations of all sizes are turning to Blended Learning as a way to execute a high-quality training program at a lower cost.

A Blended Learning training program is an affordable way to improve the effectiveness, flexibility, and success rate of your internal training program.

We count Blended Learning among the most exciting and important best practices for delivering Lean Six Sigma results.

MoreSteam can support your transition to a Blended Learning training program. We work closely with you to properly configure a proven solution set of complementary learning activities and technology.

The Result:
You own an interactive, comprehensive program that will endow your employees with the capability and confidence to successfully deliver business results.

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