Achieve & Sustain Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence builds a problem-solving culture rather than leaving process improvement to the "experts." Everyone participates.

This kind of OpEx culture requires a management system that balances training with project execution, turns data into useful information, and consistently delivers results.

MoreSteam offers the only fully integrated Enterprise Process Improvement system. Here's how we help drive the work of continuous process improvement across an organization.

Practice–based Training

How do I build organizational capability?

Online training for all levels of your organization including short process improvement courses, specialized courses in Lean and process/product design, and four levels of Lean Six Sigma "Belts." Designed for adult learners, with interactive exercises, animated videos, deeper dives, and self–assessments. Students track their progress with personal dashboards and coaches gain deep insights from the learning analytics available in group or individual views. Students can move smoothly from learning to doing using EngineRoom's project tools as they progress through the coursework.

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Performance Coaching

How do I support and develop team members?

We know from experience that training deployments are most successful when "standard work" includes coaching, feedback, and study halls. Use Coach View analytics to align your group study halls and individual coaching sessions with what your students need most. Create dynamic training dashboards with a bird's eye view of student data, like skillcheck scores and training progress, as well as drill-down reports with more granular student-by-student insights.

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Accelerated Project Execution

How do I improve business results?

Cloud–based project management that provides a ready infrastructure to select projects, complete the work, document coaching activities, and share results across your organization. TRACtion implements workflow rules and responsibilities to ensure phase completion and standardization. It makes the status of projects visible, bringing accountability to the process of process improvement. Projects requiring intervention are highlighted, increasing project success on-time and on-budget. Use individually or enjoy seamless project execution when integrated with EngineRoom.

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Training Simulations

How do I provide timely practice for project teams?

Lean and Lean Six Sigma simulations provide the cost-effective practice necessary to build the competence and confidence of project team members. Our simulations imitate real situations and processes to provide problem-solving experience in a fun, virtual and risk-free environment. Along with providing vital practice with tools and methodology, the simulations also provide practice with team and stakeholder interactions. SigmaBrew DMAIC, Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter, InBox Lean Office, St. Sigma Teaching Lab, and Tollgate Adventure pair with eLearning to provide a "blended learning model."

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Process Improvement Analytics

How do I use data to make fact–based decisions?

Online graphical and statistical tools for all types of process improvement work, from Lean Quick Hits to full-scale DMAIC projects. Designed specifically for all levels of process improvement professionals including new hires, occasional users, and skilled analysts. Your team members will spend more time analyzing data, less time learning software. EngineRoom aligns the tools with the natural flow of projects and makes it easy to access flow charts and diagrams, graphs, statistical tools, and templates. Boost the power of EngineRoom by linking your data analysis directly to projects in TRACtion.

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Process Modeling & Virtual Prototyping

How do I test solutions before going live?

Web-based application that brings value stream maps to life by creating virtual models of new or redesigned processes. Process Playground is part of a set of advanced modeling tools available in EngineRoom. Lean, Agile, and DMAIC teams use Process Playground to quickly map process flows, embed decision rules and data inputs, and predict process performance. Virtual prototyping encourages experimentation in the "lab" before the new or revised process ever touches a customer. Use this easy-to-learn and easy-to-use simulator to reduce your implementation risk and increase your process capability.

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Organizations of all sizes are turning to Blended Learning

Blended Learning

blended learning

A Blended Learning training program is an affordable way to improve effectiveness, flexibility, and the success rate of your internal training program.

MoreSteam can support your transition to a Blended Learning training program. We work closely with you to properly configure a proven solution set of complementary learning activities and technology.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Blended Learning? Check out our resources here.