Blended Green Belt Training and Certification
A proven learning model designed for your success.

What's included

  • 80-Hour Online Green Belt Course
  • 5 Virtual Instructor-Led Study Halls
  • 4-Day Simulation-based Workshop
  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching & Project Support
  • Green Belt Certification Exam

Blended Green Belt Certification Program Overview

Get the best of both worlds

MoreSteam's training model blends independent study with instructor-led virtual study halls where you can ask questions, practice with additional examples and case studies, and dive deeper into the tough stuff.

The world is not multiple-choice. That's why MoreSteam's Green Belt Certification is more than just an exam. With the help of a Master Black Belt, participants complete a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project alongside training, gaining the confidence to execute Green Belt projects in their organizations.

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Benefits of a Blended Green Belt Certification Program

Personal support and commitment to your success from the MoreSteam team
Practice-focused curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning over lecture
Exam prep and project completion supported by experienced Master Black Belt coach
Certification with built-in Lean Six Sigma project experience affirming your capabilities
Certification standard that exceeds industry expectations
Stay connected with your peer network for long-term sharing of best practices and support


  • "The practice sessions were very helpful. I liked the case studies and games."

    – Jessica, Ernst & Young

  • "The ability to either read or listen to the lessons allowed me to learn either at my desk or on business trips. The mobile-friendly format meant I wasn't tied to a computer."

    – Rebecca, St. Luke's Health System

  • "This is one of the best online courses that I have attended. It provides a very clear understanding of Lean Six Sigma, even to the uninitiated."

    – Senapathy, Emirates NBD

  • "I really enjoyed the course. I have started applying many of the methodologies into my day-to-day routines, and I can see the difference."

    – Abdi, Hertz

  • "EngineRoom was great — I couldn't have passed without it!"

    – Michele, Biogen

Blended Green Belt Program Model

Our blended green belt program is modeled after the "Just in Time" philosophy of the early Lean manufacturing days. Providing you with the right tools, critical questions, and practice sessions at just the right time for your project work is the most effective way to immediately apply what you learn to your organization's processes.

blended model

This image shows all the components of MoreSteam's blended learning model for Lean Six Sigma training. After completing a DMAIC phase in the eLearning course, you attend a virtual study hall in which the Master Black Belt instructor reinforces key concepts and participants are given the opportunity to ask questions about the material or how to directly apply the concepts to their project work. Learning milestones like assessments, alerts, and progress reports help keep you on track and accountable. Knowledge is tested intermittently via simulations of real-world scenarios in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. And after completing the eLearning, you'll get the opportunity to apply all of the techniques learned in a "fast-tracked" fully-simulated DMAIC project over the course of four days.

Program Details

Course length: 28 weeks

When the program begins, you are assigned an instructor (Master Black Belt) to be your primary contact regarding questions and certification requirements. As part of the program, you receive three hours of one-on-one-project coaching as needed. Each coaching session is scheduled in advance and must be at least 30 minutes.

Training is followed by an exam and verifying experience through one Green Belt project. Green Belt candidates begin their initial project in the early stages of the certification process. When all the requirements are complete, you will be awarded certification through MoreSteam.

Participants must have certification complete within 12 months.

Blended Green Belt Package
Training + Certification

The enrollment fee covers all costs for the courses and materials as well as:

  • 80-Hour Online Green Belt Course
  • 5 Virtual Instructor-Led Study Halls
  • 4-Day Simulation-based Workshop
  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching & Project Support
  • Green Belt Certification Exam


If you elect to use Minitab, program participants must have access to a laptop loaded with the latest version of Minitab.

Current Green Belt Program Schedules

Kickoff: August 31st, 2023
Workshop: January 29th – February 1st, 2024

Workshop location: Columbus, OH


Kickoff: May 2nd, 2024
Workshop: October 7th – October 10th, 2024

Workshop location: Columbus, OH


Kickoff: February 22nd, 2024
Workshop: July 29th – August 1st, 2024

Workshop location: Columbus, OH


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Kick-off Webinar
1 HR

Online Course Work23 HRS

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Define I - Starting a Project and Leading Teams
  • Define II - Voice of the Customer
  • Define III - Mapping the Process
Study Hall #1
2 HR

Online Course Work14.5 HRS

  • Measure I - Measurements and Basic Statistics
  • Measure II - Measurement System Analysis
Study Hall #2
2 HR

Online Course Work12 HRS

  • Measure III - Charting Process Behavior
  • Analyze I - Identifying Potential Root Causes
Study Hall #3
2 HR

Online Course Work11 HRS

  • Analyze II - Hypothesis Testing
Study Hall #4
1 HR
4-Day Simulation Workshop
  • InBox Lean Office Simulation
  • SigmaBrew DMAIC - Project Simulation

Online Course Work17.5 HRS

  • Improve
  • Control
Study Hall #5
clock2 HR
test tube
Exam & Project Work

Blended Green Belt Program Instructors

Our Blended Green Belt Program instructors have over 80 years of combined experience in Lean Six Sigma. From leading study halls, facilitating simulations, and coaching projects to planning workshops and leading executive onboardings, our Master Black Belts and experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners have extensive experience selecting and coaching Green Belt projects across various industries.

Image of Maria Fry

Maria Fry

Master Black Belt | MoreSteam Client Services

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Lars Maaseidvaag Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Lars Maaseidvaag PhD

Master Black Belt | MoreSteam Client Services

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Image of Peg Pennington

Peg Pennington

President | MoreSteam

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for this course?

The following are system requirements for MoreSteam eLearning:

  • The latest version of the following browsers:

    Your browser is not supported.

  • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Audio: Optional audio in course.
  • Disable any pop-up blocker while in the course content.
  • Microsoft 365®
  • Note: Courses supporting Minitab® or JMP® contain Microsoft Excel® templates for the template tools not provided in those software packages.

    Additional system requirements for Minitab and JMP courses include:

    • Macro Security: Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
    • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.

How do I access the course?

You can access the course anywhere you can get on the Internet — simply login at from your computer, tablet, or phone.

When can I begin the training?

With eLearning, you can start at any time after purchase, however we do close registration two weeks before the Kick-Off Webinar. You do not have to wait for other students to get started.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

No. This course has no prerequisites.

How long does Green Belt training take?

From the Kick-off to the last Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall, the program is 28 weeks in length. Access is provided to the online content for 365 days. Candidates have a total of 12 months from the date of enrollment to achieve certification.

Do I need to complete the eLearning to attend the "Study Halls" and Workshop?

Absolutely! This program requires candidates to stay on task. Before attending the Virtual Study Halls and Workshop, Green Belt candidates need to complete the defined eLearning lessons. Your coach will monitor your progress and you will be notified if you fall behind.

Do I need a project to complete the training?

A real-world project will significantly enhance the learning experience because you can use it to directly practice the concepts and tools as you complete the course. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you work on your project as you are completing your training.

Do you offer pricing discounts for groups of trainees and deployments?

Of course! Many of our larger customers send groups of employees through the Blended Green Belt program. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.