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Achieve Your Black Belt Certification with Individualized Coaching from a Master Black Belt

Black Belts are the driving force behind successful operational excellence teams. As leaders and project managers, their skills and expertise are critical in achieving sustainable improvements within an organization. A career as a Black Belt requires proficient critical thinking skills, which is why your certification program should offer the same. MoreSteam's Blended Black Belt program takes a hands-on approach, supplementing our eLearning course and certification program with instructor support, coaching, and opportunities to gain experience through practice.

By combining proven techniques and personalized training with industry experts, our hybrid program equips candidates with the tools they need to feel confident and successful in their roles as Black Belts. Participants will advance their proficiency in statistical analysis and modeling, gaining expertise in designing experiments to optimize processes. The program emphasizes advanced process mapping and improvement techniques, equipping participants with the tools to drive efficiency and waste reduction at an advanced level. Change management and leadership strategies are explored to navigate organizational transformation effectively. Additionally, participants will develop coaching and mentoring skills, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Quick Facts

Course Type
Blended / hybrid
Time to Complete
24 to 28 weeks
Study Halls
6 Virtual
In-Person Training
Optional - Columbus, OH
5 hours
Average salary of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt $137,645*
Average savings of a Black Belt project $300,000*

*As of 2023, reported in "2023 ASQ Salary Survey: The Complete Report," Quality Progress, December 2023.

Program Benefits

140 Hours of practice-based online training with exam prep and project support
Lessons developed by industry-leaders with over 20 years of Lean Six Sigma training
Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Six language options: English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French
Guided practice using simulations and real-world examples from a variety of industries
One-on-one coaching and support from Master Black Belt instructors with 20+ years of experience teaching and practicing Lean Six Sigma
Peer-to-peer networking with other industry professionals for long-term sharing of best practices
One year of access to EngineRoom, MoreSteam's online data analysis software for continuous improvement
Six virtual, instructor-led study halls culminating in a week-long in-person workshop

Program Design

This program is designed to ensure your success. We put everything together for you, from the Kick-off to the last Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall. Our blended Black Belt program is 28 weeks in length, and candidates have a total of 18 months from the date of enrollment to achieve certification. During that time, they have full access to the online content.

Blended Black Belt Program Details

Course length: 28 weeks

Need help with a lesson? Have questions on how a concept applies to your own project? Want to bounce your ideas or conclusions off of a Master Black Belt?

This program includes five hours of 1-on-1 time with your instructor to use as you see fit. As your primary contact, they are available throughout your training and project work to help you solve any problems you get stuck on.

Training is followed by testing and verification of experience through two Black Belt projects. Black Belt candidates will begin their initial project in the early stages of the training. When all the requirements are completed, you are awarded certification through MoreSteam.

Participants must have certification complete within 18 months.

Blended Black Belt Training + Certification

The enrollment fee covers all costs for the courses and materials as well as:

  • 140-Hour Online Black Belt Course
  • 6 Virtual Instructor-Led Study Halls
  • 1-Week In-Person Simulation-based Workshop
  • 5 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching & Project Support
  • Black Belt Certification Exam


If you elect to use Minitab, program participants must have access to a laptop loaded with the latest version of Minitab.

Program Schedule

Kickoff: August 29, 2024
Workshop: February 3, 2025 – February 7, 2025

Workshop location: Columbus, OH

Blended Black Belt Program Schedule

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Kick-off Webinar

1 HR

Online Course Work

27 HR

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Define I - Starting a Project and Leading Teams
  • Define II - Voice of the Customer
  • Define III - Mapping the Process



Study Hall #1

2 HR

Online Course Work

15 HR

  • Measure I - Measurements and Basic Statistics
  • Measure II - Measurement System Analysis



Study Hall #2

2 HR

Online Course Work

22 HR

  • Measure III - Charting Process Behavior
  • Analyze I - Identifying Potential Root Causes



Study Hall #3

2 HR

Online Course Work

22 HR

  • Analyze II - Hypothesis Testing



Study Hall #4

2 HR



1-Week Simulation Workshop

  • InBox Lean Office Simulation
  • SigmaBrew DMAIC - Project Simulation
  • DOE Review & Hands-on Practice

Online Course Work

32 HR

  • Analyze III - Design of Experiments



Study Hall #5

2 HR

Online Course Work

19 HR

  • Improve
  • Control



Study Hall #6

2 HR

Exam & Project Work


Program Instructors & Coaches

All of the course material is written by industry experts with years of experience, making this the most comprehensive and beneficial online Black Belt course available.

Maria Fry

Maria Fry

Master Black Belt | MoreSteam Client Services

Lars Maaseidvaag PhD

Lars Maaseidvaag PhD

Master Black Belt | MoreSteam Client Services

Peg Pennington

Peg Pennington

President |


This is one of the best online courses that I have attended. It provides a very clear understanding of Lean Six Sigma, even to the uninitiated.


Emirates NBD

I really enjoyed the course. I have started applying many of the methodologies into my day-to-day routines, and I can see the difference.



Very comprehensive, covering practical key concepts and examples of various projects. I highly recommend this training.


Marzetti Company

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No Robots. Only humans.

You'll still get a human here, too.