Blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Program

Combine eLearning with study halls, personal coaching, and practice.
Our Blended Black Belt program includes the full Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course plus additional instructor-led training and guidance:

  • 12 hours of virtual group study halls reinforce key concepts, review tool tips, and incorporate discussion time for student questions
  • 1-week workshop includes hands-on exercises and project simulations to apply your LSS knowledge with instructor support
  • One-on-one coaching provides personalized guidance and support as you're working on your certification projects

  • Course Overview +

    • Blending the Best of Online & Classroom Training

      Our Blended Black Belt Program supplements our standard Black Belt eLearning course and certification program with virtual and face-to-face instructor support and coaching. This training model that has been successful for our corporate clients for years is now available to individuals and small groups.

      Why go with the Blended Program?

      This program combines proven technology and personal interaction to achieve optimum results. Guided by our experience in working with thousands of corporate clients, we have developed an approach to develop the individual's capability to effect meaningful process change, not to merely pass a test or complete a pretend project.

  • A Blended Model +

      The curriculum provides:

      • 140 hours of online learning,
      • 6 Virtual, group-based training sessions - 2 hours per session to reinforce and apply online content,
      • 1-Week simulation-based workshop, and
      • 5 One-on-one coaching sessions

      Program participants can begin their eLearning at any time, including in advance of the kick-off webinar. The classroom training weeks are scheduled on a quarterly basis.

      Program Structure

      Kick-off Webinar (1 hour)

      • Group kick-off meeting to set expectations,
      • Connect classmates, and
      • Provide an overview of eLearning course work

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 1-4 (25.1 hours)

      • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
      • Define I - Starting a Project and Leading Teams
      • Define II - Voice of the Customer
      • Define III - Mapping the Process

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #1 (2 hours)

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 5-6 (14.3 hours)

      • Measure I - Measurements and Basic Statistics
      • Measure II - Measurement System Analysis

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #2 (2 hours)

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 7-8 (19.8 hours)

      • Measure III - Measurements and Basic Statistics
      • Analyze I - Identifying Potent Root Causes

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #3 (2 hours)

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 9 (23.15 hours)

      • Analyze II - Hypothesis Testing

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #4 (2 hours)

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 10 (30.55 hours)

      • Analyze III - Design of Experiments

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #5 (2 hours)

      1 Week Simulation-Based Workshop - (Check schedule for location.)

      • InBox Lean Office Simulation
      • SigmaBrew DMAIC - Project Simulation
      • DOE Review & Hands-on Practice

      MoreSteam eLearning Sessions 11-12 (19.55 hours)

      • Improve
      • Control

      Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #6 (2 hours)

      Training is then followed by testing and verification of experience through 2 Black Belt projects. Black Belt candidates will begin their initial project in the early stages of the training. When all the requirements have been completed, you will be awarded certification through MoreSteam.

  • Benefits +

      The MoreSteam Blended Black Belt Program provides:

      • Personal support and peer-to-peer learning
      • Guided practice using simulations and real-world examples
      • Project completion supported by experienced coaches
      • Certification process that produces a portfolio of workplace projects to confirm your capabilities
      • Certification standard consistent with industry expectations
  • Course Options +

      Industry Options

      This course is available in several "industry flavors": Manufacturing (default), Healthcare, Financial Services, and Services. Each version features customized case studies, examples and exercises. You can select your version when you purchase the program.

      The virtual Study Halls and Workshop will present more service-oriented examples.

      Software Options

      This course supports EngineRoom® or Minitab® (version 17 or higher) data analysis software. The subscription fee for EngineRoom® software is included in the price of the EngineRoom-supported version of the course.

      When you enroll in the EngineRoom version, you receive 365 days of access to EngineRoom, MoreSteam's web-based data analysis tool to use along with the course and tutorials.

      If you select the Minitab version of the course, you will need to purchase and provide your own license of the software.

  • Certification +

      At MoreSteam, we adhere to a high standard, where certification requires you to complete this training course, a comprehensive exam, and 2 approved projects.

      Black Belt Certification is included in the Blended Black Belt program.

      See the Black Belt certification process for additional information about the exam and project requirements.

  • Current Schedule +

      Fall 2021 Blended BB Wave Schedule (Tentative)

      • Thursday, September 2nd - Kick-Off Webinar (1 hour)
      • Thursday, September 30th - Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #1 (2 hours)
      • Thursday, October 28th - Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #2 (2 hours)
      • Thursday, December 2nd - Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #3 (2 hours)
      • Thursday, January 13th - Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #4 (2 hours)
      • Monday, January 31st–Friday, February 4th - Simulation Workshop (Columbus, OH)
      • Thursday, February 15th - DOE Study Hall #5 (2 hours) for those not attending workshop
      • Thursday, March 17th - Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall #6 (2 hours)
  • Costs and Enrollment +

      The program cost is $5,950, which includes both the Black Belt training and certification process. Not only is this program more affordable, it allows you far greater flexibility and control over the pace of your studies.

      Note: Most other classroom-based Black Belt training programs cost twice the price of this program and require four weeks or more of classroom time.

      The enrollment fee covers all costs for courses and materials, although if you elect to use Minitab, program participants must have access to a laptop loaded with the latest version of Minitab. You can begin your enrollment by contacting MoreSteam.

      Travel and lodging fees for the classroom workshop are not included in the cost of enrollment.

  • The Faculty +

      The faculty for this program is provided by MoreSteam.

      Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag
      Senior Faculty, MoreSteam

      Peg Pennington
      President, MoreSteam

      Maria Fry
      Consultant, MoreSteam Client Services

  • Materials +

      Black Belt Course Companion

      All students will receive a copy of the course reference manual. The manual is a bound compilation of the topics and tools contained in the online Black Belt course.

  • Support +

      At the start of the program, you will be assigned an instructor (Master Black Belt) who will be your primary contact regarding questions and certification requirements. As part of the program, you receive 5 hours of one-on-one project coaching that is consumed as needed. Each coaching session is scheduled in advance and must be for a minimum of 30 minutes.

      When in your online training courses, you can use the on-screen Help features (e.g., glossary of terms and site search) for information. You can contact the Course Instructor by email during regular business hours to request assistance.

      For general eLearning technical support, you can visit our MoreSteam University support section, where you can search through our online knowledge base or send us a support request.

  • System Requirements +

    • The following are system requirements for MoreSteam eLearning:

      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X
      • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
      • Audio: Optional audio in course.
      • Browser:
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Latest version
      • Note: The course content requires that any pop-up blocker be disabled.

      No additional requirements are necessary for EngineRoom Web.

Common Questions

When can I begin the course?
With eLearning, you can start at any time after purchase, however we do close registration two weeks before the Wave Kick-Off Webinar. You do not have to wait for other students to get started.

Are there prerequisites to this course?
This course has no prerequisites. Unlike other online providers, we do not require you to take any prerequisite course, Green Belt or other, prior to your Black Belt training. Our Black Belt course includes - as a subset - all of the material you would learn for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. If you have already taken MoreSteam's Green Belt course, contact us to request an upgrade to Black Belt.

Do I need to complete the eLearning to attend the "Study Halls" and Workshop?
Absolutely! This program requires candidates to stay on task. Before attending the Virtual Study Halls and Workshop, Black Belt candidates need to complete the defined eLearning lessons. Your coach will monitor your progress and you will be notified if you fall behind.

How long does Black Belt training take?
From the Kick-off to the last Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall, the program is 28 weeks in length. Access is provided to the online content for 365 days.

Candidates have a total of 18 months from the date of enrollment to achieve certification.

Do I need a project to complete the training?
A real-world project will significantly enhance the learning experience because you can use it to directly practice the concepts and tools as you complete the course. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you work on your first project as you are completing your training. You will also need to complete a second project to achieve certification.

Do you offer pricing discounts for groups of trainees and deployments?
Of course! Many of our larger customers send groups of employees through the Blended Black Belt program. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.