Hear how universities use MoreSteam to enhance their curriculum

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As a leading provider of process improvement software and Lean Six Sigma training, our products are the perfect solution for academics looking to strengthen their curriculum. Take your classroom to the next level with our open-ended simulations, comprehensive online courses, and data-based analytics — all available at a deep discount for higher education.

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A Proven Track Record

We partner with universities and fully support them throughout the learning process, assisting with technical assistance, marketing materials, and regular product updates. Hear what some of our clients like best about using our software.

Universities Using MoreSteam

More than 20 universities currently use our eLearning courses, open-ended simulations, and process improvement software to bolster their curriculum.

The Ohio State University
University of Notre Dame
Cal Poly
Duquesne University
University of Maryland
University of Houston
Washington University (St. Louis)
University of Alabama
University of Southern California
West Virginia University
NC State University
George Washington University
Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen

Professor at Cal Poly

"With MoreSteam I get 80 hours of standardized content, allowing me to do more of the fun stuff in live sessions — like simulations, interviews with guest speakers, answering questions, and sharing examples of how this works in the real world."

Carol Mullaney

Carol Mullaney

Sr. Director at Notre Dame

"A lot of the companies that students go on to work for are using the same MoreSteam course material to train their employees — and we're using it in an MBA course. That can give students a leg up as they're getting started."

Julian Rizza

Julian Rizza

MBA from Duquesne University

"The accessibility is really nice. If I wasn't at my house, I could pull up MoreSteam on my phone or laptop and go back to a certain chapter without having to lug around a big textbook. Everything is user-friendly and really easy to find."