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Freecycling can work for both chairs and content

July 28, 2009

Have you heard of "freecycling"? It's the popular movement where people give items they no longer use to people who want them. The mission of the freecycle movement ( is to "re-use good stuff and keep good stuff out of landfills." To do this, people post a notice to their online freecycle group when they are about to put a washing machine/sofa/rototiller/rug on the curb, and the first interested party to stop by can take it — for free.

At, we believe in the same ideals: reducing waste, re-using good content, and delivering free resources to "the curb" for Lean practitioners. Why buy cement blocks to build a shelf if someone is giving them away? Likewise, why buy an expensive book (which is out‐of‐date as soon as it is published) when you can find answers to your questions for free at SigmaPedia.

SigmaPedia is a rich, free online encyclopedia for Lean Six Sigma practitioners and deployments. Students can access this online glossary anywhere they can access the internet. We've recently made some noteworthy improvements to SigmaPedia, and it now contains over 400 terms and examples from the Lean and Six Sigma domains.

So consider this your notification of some good stuff for free out there on the internet curb. You'll find it at this address: