Online Project Management & Tracking Software

TRACtion is an online management and tracking package that provides a ready infrastructure to support process improvement deployments.

Offering a measured balance between power and simplicity, TRACtion provides the tools that management requires for Lean Six Sigma project oversight and analysis, and that Belts need for storing and sharing critical project information.

Lean Six Sigma Project Tracking Tool Dashboard
  • Product Overview

      TRACtion: Designed for Learning, Action, and Tracking

      TRACtion's design fulfills four primary objectives as shown below.

      1. Project Organization

      TRACtion Project Organization

      TRACtion provides Lean Six Sigma teams with a virtual facility for ordering and sharing project information.

      Deployment leaders can view the project portfolio in summary fashion or drill down into the details for a specific project.

      2. Project Workflow Automation

      TRACtion Project Workflow Automation

      TRACtion guides Lean Six Sigma organizations through the process of project completion - from project selection and prioritization through to project close.

      Deployments can customize standard features without any IT support or programming knowledge.

      3. On-Demand Project Reporting

      TRACtion On-Demand Project Reporting

      With TRACtion dashboards, leaders and senior management can retrieve, analyze, and share project financials and program savings.

      4. Project Tracking and Visibility

      TRACtion Project Tracking and Visibility

      TRACtion provides Champions, Coaches, and Process Owners with an up-to-date status of any and all projects.

      TRACtion lets you view progress at whatever level you choose, whether it's high-level, color-coded dashboards or detailed, project-level summaries.

      Start Using TRACtion on Day 1

      TRACtion is designed for a one-day setup process involving no programming. After purchase, your users need only an internet connection, browser and login to begin. TRACtion is scalable from small project teams to global deployments.

      A Complete Solution

      With TRACtion, you can:

      • Automate your Project Selection Process
      • Manage your Tollgate Reviews and Financials
      • Organize and Share Project Activities
      • Develop and Distribute Reports
      • Coordinate Projects with Training
  • Top Features +

  • Benefits to You +

    • Quick to set up and deploy, with no IT support required
    • Cost effective solution for initiatives of all sizes
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for all levels of users
    • Powerful reporting relates progress & tracks financials
    • Flexible and customizable for each deployment
  • Pricing +

      TRACtion - A Tool for the Entire Team

      TRACtion pricing is a function of several factors, the foremost of which is level of usage.

      We believe that ALL team members should be empowered to access and view project data, status updates, summaries, and project tools on an as-needed basis.

      To encourage deployments to involve all their team members in project management, we do not charge for licensed usage by team members (e.g., non-team leaders, process owners).

      We only charge annually for "Power Users" - our term for the group of your practitioners who will gain the most value from TRACtion.

      Power Users are the heaviest users of TRACtion's features (e.g., Team Leaders, Champions, and Financial Auditors). Pricing for Power Users will vary based on the volume of users subscribed to TRACtion.

      How Is TRACtion Priced?

      TRACtion is licensed per year and is based on the number of Power Users in your company. The fee is $500 (US) per Power User per year. There is an initial one-time setup fee of $5,000 (US), regardless of the number of licensed Power Users.



      If you have 10 Team Leaders (Black or Green Belts) and 2 Champions, you would need to license TRACtion for 12 Power Users.

      But...if each Team Leader runs two projects per year, with an average of four team members on each project, that's another 80 Team Members in a year who need to have access to the software to update and manage projects. You actually have a total of 92 users (12 Power Users + 80 Team Members)!

      Remember, though, with TRACtion you only pay for the Power Users. All other Team Members get access to the software at no cost!

      Therefore, your annual fee would be $6000 (12 x $500), not the $46,000 (92 x $500) you would pay for other commercial project tracking software.

      All 92 Team Members gain access to TRACtion, resulting in a per person / per year cost of about $65, an annual savings of around $40,000 for what other packages cost.

      Contact Us to Discuss Pricing

      We offer flexible pricing models ranging from annual fees per Power User to enterprise-wide perpetual licenses that offer unlimited usage throughout the organization. Our target for the cost of ownership over three years is 50% of the cost of licensing competitive project tracking solutions. Contact us to learn more.

  • Support +

  • System Requirements +

      • System Requirements for Online Tools

        • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X
        • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
        • Browser:

        • Microsoft Office® (Word®, Excel®): Some features (such as our Microsoft Excel Templates) will need MS Office® 2007 or higher.
        • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Latest version
        • Flash 10 Player: Latest version

Common Questions

How long does TRACtion take to set up?

You can start using TRACtion on Day 1! TRACtion is designed for a one-day setup process that requires no programming. All you need to begin is an internet connection, browser, and secure login.

How does the price compare to similar solutions?

Our target for the cost of ownership over three years is 50% of the cost of licensing competitive, IT-intensive project tracking solutions. Because TRACtion requires no capital investment for hardware, you've already saved yourself a considerable sum for both setup and ongoing maintenance.

What are the newest features?

You can learn all about the latest features in TRACtion when you visit the TRACtion update page.