Project teams find TRACtion easy to use, so they keep their projects up to date, and are more likely to successfully complete them. TRACtion also makes reporting project successes easy and saves time by automating reporting. And for those tough projects needing more oversight, TRACtion provides visibility and tools for analysis.
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Inform Decisions

Share project success with powerful, flexible reporting. Reporting can be automated and sent via email.

Plan for Success

Sharpen your aim at performance targets with TRACtion's project selection tools. Tie project selection criteria to strategy and KPIs.

Direct Coaches Efficiently

Apply critical coaching support when and where needed. TRACtion provides visibility to project status and coaching activity.

Optimize User Time

Reduce wasted time by using EngineRoom and TRACtion - integration means less work and greater confidence that project records are up to date. TRACtion also seamlessly integrates with MoreSteam eLearning.

Define Workflows

Automate management of project work along multiple project roadmaps. Reinforce your organization's culture by adopting any of a dozen project roadmaps, including multiple lean, DMAIC and process design frameworks.

Project Organization

TRACtion makes ordering and sharing project information easy. View project portfolios in summary fashion or drill down to specifics.

TRACtion logs user interactions to record progress to project completion.

The Whose Desk feature identifies the next step to be taken and provides accountability for project progress.

User Support

World class eLearning resources are always available for just-in-time access by project teams.

TRACtion prompts critical thinking and Tool Tips for driving to answers.

TRACtion provides multiple avenues for User support including video tutorials.

Coaching Support

TRACtion supports intrusive coaching: applying the human element when and where needed.

On-line conversation strings make coaching and team communications efficient.

Coaching activities can be logged and monitored.

Project Workflow Automation

From project proposals and selection through completion, TRACtion guides the user and triggers action items.

Reminders and action items are automatically generated and sent.

Establish or modify workflow rules without IT support or programming knowledge.

On-Demand Project Reporting

With TRACtion dashboards and automated report distribution, leaders and senior management can retrieve, analyze, and share project financials and program savings.

Report administration is managed entirely by you; no external support or fees are required.

Automate and email standard reports; prepare one-off reports using the reporting manager.

Key Advantage — Seamless Project Execution

Watch how TRACtion users who also use EngineRoom data analysis software can link their work directly with a TRACtion project. Eliminate the non-value added steps of updating project information and always provide the most current information to stakeholders!

Spotlight Feature — Dashboards

Multiple charts and graphs present real-time data. Choose your report and display the results on your personal dashboard. Fully customizable and up-to-date. Perfect for the busy leader.
Start Using TRACtion on Day 1
TRACtion is designed for a one-day setup process involving no programming or internal IT support. After purchase, your users need only an internet connection, browser and an active account to get started.
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