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Getting Started with EngineRoom

Learn how to import an Excel data set into EngineRoom and use the application to graph your data, and then explore and export your results.

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Importing Data into EngineRoom

EngineRoom is compatible with spreadsheets saved in Microsoft Open XML format, including .XLSX and .CSV files.

To prepare your data for import:

  1. Place your column names in the first row.
  2. Begin entering your numeric, text, or date/time data in the second row.
  3. Save your file in .XLSX or .CSV format.
  4. Open EngineRoom to select a project, and then click Upload to import your data.
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Tutorials Library

Learn how to easily graph and analyze your data in EngineRoom using step-by-step video tutorials, such as the ones below.

X and MR Chart

Monitor and assess the stability of a process where there is a single measurement or observation per period, i.e. the subgroup size is 1.

Gauge R & R

Evaluate your measurement system, and ensure that measurement error is at an acceptable level.


Evaluate a process to identify where and how it might fail and assess the relative impact of failure modes.

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