EngineRoom for Excel

Excel-based Data Analysis Software for Lean Six Sigma

Data Analysis Software for Lean Six Sigma

EngineRoom for Excel software provides process improvement practitioners with a full suite of powerful, simple-to-use data analysis tools within Microsoft® Excel®.

Built for Lean Six Sigma professionals at all expertise (belt) levels, EngineRoom for Excel "cuts the cost of calculation" by delivering the tools you use most at a price you can easily afford.

  • Product Overview

      EngineRoom for Excel is an all-purpose software tool that provides process improvement practitioners with a full suite of powerful, simple-to-use data analysis tools within Excel.

      EngineRoom for Excel delivers the best value for your money, with more Lean Six Sigma tools packaged together than any comparable software. The comprehensive toolset and low cost make EngineRoom for Excel ideal for individuals, small businesses and corporate Lean Six Sigma deployments.

      EngineRoom for Excel is an exceptional product for Belts who rely on the standard set of Lean Six Sigma tools and for organizations that need to deliver a cost-effective tool to large numbers of Green and Black Belts.

      Harnessing the Power of Excel

      EngineRoom for Excel appears as a ribbon in Excel, providing the tools you need with a click of a mouse. Each tool includes either detailed instructions or step-by-step wizards to assist your data organization, analysis and interpretation.

      EngineRoom for Excel eliminates the steep learning curve and high cost associated with standalone data analysis software.

      The Advantages of EngineRoom for Excel

      • Convenient: Harnesses the power of Excel (2007 and later) as a DMAIC-based ribbon
      • Cost Efficient: Eliminates the high cost and steep learning curve associated with standalone data analysis software.
      • Powerful: Includes all the standard Lean Six Sigma tools and templates
      • Flexible: Users can share their analysis results with anyone who has Excel!

      Features Found Nowhere Else

      EngineRoom for Excel guides you through your project from planning to completion. Unique features include:

      • Hypothesis Testing in Plain English™, a patented interactive wizard that makes Hypothesis Testing accessible to all levels of practitioners
      • Design of Experiments (DOE) Wizard, a tool that guides you step-by-step through the process of experimental design creation and analysis
      • Lean Tools for Core Process Pull, Replenishment Pull, and Standard Work

      EngineRoom for Excel Patents

      MoreSteam has been granted four patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for Automated Hypothesis Testing features within EngineRoom for Excel, one patent awarded in 2010, two patents awarded in 2012, and one awarded in 2013. You can read about these online:

  • Top Features +

  • Benefits to You +

    • EngineRoom for Excel achieves the balance between usability and affordability! Engineroom:

      • Includes all of the standard tools used in Lean Six Sigma (see features page for a list)
      • Works through the familiar interface of Excel, which means a short learning curve
      • Let's you share analysis results with anyone who has Excel
      • Features wizards that guide you to the appropriate test/design and provide easy-to-interpret, annotated output
      • Is ideal for anyone who relies on the standard set of tools and for deployments seeking a low-cost solution
  • Pricing & Updates +

      EngineRoom for Excel is available via internet download only and requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. Pricing for individual EngineRoom for Excel licenses is summarized in the table below. Each license is for a single installation on a single machine.

      EngineRoom for Excel for Individuals

      The more licenses you buy, the less expensive each EngineRoom for Excel license is!

      EngineRoom for Excel pricing

      When you purchase EngineRoom for Excel, you receive free updates (discussed below) and support during your first year.

      To purchase multiple licenses and receive discounted pricing, please contact us directly.

      EngineRoom for Excel for Process Improvement Organizations

      We also offer enterprise-wide licenses of EngineRoom for Excel. Pricing is based on the total number of your employees, with significant discounts available for large organizations.

      If you are interested in an enterprise license, please contact us directly.

      The Update Policy

      An "update" is defined as a revision (bug fixes, etc.) or addition of new features to the current version. We provide EngineRoom for Excel updates free of charge to customers within one year of purchase.

      If it has been over a year since you purchased your EngineRoom for Excel license, you must purchase the update to receive the latest version.

  • Support +

      For EngineRoom for Excel product support, please visit our EngineRoom for Excel support section, where you can search through our online knowledgebase or send us a support request.

      MoreSteam will only support EngineRoom for Excel on Excel 2007 or later. As with Microsoft, we no longer support Excel 2003 or earlier versions.

  • Tutorials +

      Looking for a little help getting started with EngineRoom for Excel? Then visit the EngineRoom for Excel Tutorials page for a growing list of online videos and datasets. Just what you need to get started!

  • System Requirements +

    • The following are system requirements for EngineRoom for Excel:

      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® (7 and higher).
        • EngineRoom is not supported on the Apple OS or Microsoft Office running on 'click to run' technology.
        • IMPORTANT: The Microsoft Windows Language and Regional Setting must be set to 'US English'.
      • Microsoft Excel®: English-language (U.S.) version Microsoft Office� 2007 or higher (32-bit version only).
        • Version: EngineRoom is available for the English (U.S.) version of Microsoft Windows based Excel 2007 and later. EngineRoom is not supported on Excel 2002/XP/2003 - this means that you will receive the existing features, but new features or tech support will not be provided. Excel 2007 and later will receive all of these.
        • Language settings: Many EngineRoom features work with the U.S. English version of Excel only.
        • Network: Microsoft Excel should be running locally and not over a network as a distributed application. EngineRoom will not perform correctly if you are running Microsoft Excel over a network.
        • Multiple Excel Versions: EngineRoom will not function properly if multiple versions of Excel are installed on the same computer. Please remove all versions of Excel except the one you will be using before installing EngineRoom for Excel.
        • Macro Security: EngineRoom contains macros. Excel macro security must be set to Medium or lower.
        • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed for EngineRoom to function properly. See this EngineRoom FAQ for more information.
      • Display Setting: Viewed best with 1024 x 768 screen size.
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Reader Download from Adobe) - for tutorials.
      • IMPORTANT: Pop-up blocker must be turned off.

      No additional requirements are necessary for MoreSteam eLearning.

Common Questions

How do I get a copy of EngineRoom for Excel?

EngineRoom for Excel is delivered to you entirely via the internet (online). Whether you plan to trial or buy the software, you begin by downloading the 30-day trial version. This enrolls you into the EngineRoom for Excel Resource Center.

Once you have downloaded the software, you will receive an email with your user ID and password to access the Resource Center. In the Center, you can download the trial, purchase a permanent license, and activate your permanent license (unlock after purchase).

To get started with a no-obligation trial, download the trial version.

Is there a new version of EngineRoom available?

Yes. As of June, 2013, we have now released a Web-based version of the popular EngineRoom tool. Virtually identical to the Excel-based version, the new EngineRoom provides you analytica power anywhere you have an Internet connection and updated browser.

How do I get the latest update to EngineRoom for Excel?

If you purchased EngineRoom for Excel within a year of the update release, you can download it for free!

To get the latest EngineRoom for Excel update, you will need to log into the EngineRoom for Excel Resource Center or into your course, if you bought EngineRoom for Excel bundled with a training course.

In the EngineRoom for Excel Resource Center page, use the 'Download/Update EngineRoom for Excel' button to download the update.

If you purchased EngineRoom for Excel more than a year ago, you will need to purchase the update to receive the latest version.

How do I ensure that I'm getting the right version of EngineRoom for the Excel version on my computer?

EngineRoom for Excel has a single download link for all versions of Excel: 2007 and 2010 (32 and 64 bit versions).

Once you click the link to download, EngineRoom for Excel will automatically detect the Excel version on the computer and install the appropriate version of the add-in. It's that easy!

Will Engineroom run on a Mac?

EngineRoom for Excel will not run natively on a Mac, but you can run it through Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp or Parallels.

I have more than one version of Excel installed on my computer. Will EngineRoom for Excel still function?

Sorry, no. There is a single version of EngineRoom for Excel that automatically detects the version of Excel on the computer and installs the appropriate files. The EngineRoom for Excel install will not function properly if different versions of Excel are installed on the same machine, even if one is a trial version.

So for EngineRoom for Excel to install and function properly, you will have to remove all other versions of Office except the one you will be using for EngineRoom for Excel.