Review of Black Belt Certification Programs

Comparing the Villanova University and MoreSteam Programs

Certification is an important step in the recognition of the abilities of a Lean Six Sigma practitioner. It can translate into better pay, more responsibility, and a pathway to management.

Because certification combines training, testing, and project work, it's also a big commitment of your time and money. You should be happy with the program you select.

The Basics of Black Belt Certification

Certification, as opposed to just training, must show both the knowledge and application of the subject material. Online programs can offer more autonomy and flexibility at a lower cost than classroom programs, but not all online programs are created equal.

A proper online Black Belt certification program contains three elements:

  • Online Training Course (to deliver the knowledge)
    Should cover the complete Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Lean Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Online Examination (to test the knowledge)
    Should test the entire BOK and can be open-book
  • Practical Projects (to prove experience)
    Real-world projects that show how you successfully solved process improvement problems

Choosing the Right Certification Program for You

To help make your decision easier, we've created a guide that compares MoreSteam's program with the Villanova University.

The remainder of each is a comprehensive checklist of questions that you should answer for the program that you are considering.