What's New in TRACtion

Our TRACtion development team is going 'full steam ahead' to continuously improve your user experience. Here are some highlights of recently released new features and enhancements.

"My Desk's" Unified Task View: View All of your Tasks in One Place
With the new unified task view, you now have instant visibility to all tasks assigned to you across every project. This new streamlined feature allows you to view every task currently assigned to you and update them all from your My Desk dashboard. Now you can make faster prioritization decisions in your work and easily see the projects and tasks waiting for your input.
Global KPIs: Track Key Metrics at All Levels
Keep your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) visible at all levels: globally to see the big picture and by project to view individual project work progress. The new global KPI option allows you to report aggregated summary metrics for multiple linked projects. You can still maintain project-level KPIs to continue tracking individual project metrics. Forest or the trees? No need to choose. See them both.
Focus on Project Work, Not Reporting Work
Provide better project information in a more timely manner with TRACtion's new Report Wizard. The Wizard guides you through selecting and organizing the most meaningful report components for your stakeholders. Create custom reports for your KPI reporting in a flash!
Idea Scoring Feeds the Project Funnel
Identify the "best" projects with TRACtion's new Idea Scoring feature. After scoring each project idea on factors related to Benefits and Ease of Implementation, you'll be able to display the portfolio-view summary to show all the ideas. Filtering out the just-do-its can be done quickly so the most important work can be pinpointed.
Customize idea scoring to align with your organizational priorities by creating your own factors and weights.
TRACtion helps you to create your best plan...and then work it.
Charter Wizard
TRACtion's new Wizard will help you avoid problems frequently found in project charters. Quickly create a clear, concise project plan to jump start your project. Don't crash before you even get started!
Get to the Right Place at the Right Time
Depend on TRACtion's Concierge to assist you in smoothly advancing your project work. The Concierge feature explains the functions available within your role and then guides you through a tour from project setup to approval. It provides helpful tips and highlights to help you work efficiently and effectively.
Integrated A3 Report
TRACtion's storyboard feature now includes additional options for one-page reports. Visualize your problem-solving approach with one of the new dynamic A3 templates or start from scratch and create your own format. The A3 helps to eliminate the wasteful re-entering of information - just drag & drop elements you've already created in EngineRoom and TRACtion. Less time. Less work. Big impact.
Everything in One Place
Provide the most commonly used company references right when and where teams are doing their project work. Now, team members can access company-specific templates, checklists, and guides that you provide. Resources can be made available for an entire roadmap, a single phase, or even a specific question.
Huddle Board for Your Daily Standups
The huddle board view of project tasks allows a team to conduct a standup meeting in TRACtion with a simple visual display of work status. At a glance, you can see completed tasks, work-in-progress, and what's waiting in queue.
EngineRoom Data Analysis
Watch how TRACtion users who also use EngineRoom data analysis software can link their work directly with a TRACtion project. Eliminate the non-value added steps of updating project information and always provide the most current information to stakeholders!
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Link Project Success to Enterprise Results
Make your projects' key metrics more visible and accessible by adding them to your TRACtion projects. View graphical summaries for a quick progress overview or expand the display to dig into the data tables.
TRACtion Home Page Has a Fresh, New Look
We've redesigned TRACtion's Home Page and simplified its navigation. Most commonly used functions are now more visible and you can filter your view. Click on the image below to see an enlarged view of TRACtion's new look.
Better Charts for Better Reports
Want to see a summary of project cycle times or status by roadmap? Wondering about the distribution of cost savings across projects? Upgrades to the charting feature in TRACtion reports provide new options so you can easily visualize data in stacked bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and bubble charts ... and immediately share it in an email. Quick and simple.