Getting Started
TRACtion's rapidly deployed infrastructure and support services meet all of your process improvement management needs. We can provide you with an account in our demo environment today. Please call us at 614.602.8190 or email us if you have any questions about TRACtion pricing or capabilities that you'd like answered.

No IT Involvement

Customer IT support is not required for TRACtion set-up.

Minimal Set-Up Time

Establishing a basic TRACtion implementation takes as little as 1 day.

On-boarding Support

Customer success representatives assist with choosing roadmaps, decision flows, charter customizations and more.

Dedicated Team

Customer success representatives available to guide planning activities and assist with identifying decision points for portfolio management and reporting.

Maintain Continuity

TRACtion programmers can import existing project records, including those from competitor platforms. We will provide a firm quote if charges apply.

Adopt Best Practices

Through years of experience, your TRACtion support team has seen what works and what doesn't. You can rely on their advice in considering how to adopt TRACtion for your deployment.

Pricing — A Tool for the Entire Team

We designed pricing for TRACtion to encourage project team member participation. Pricing is transparent (no hidden fees), and we provide basic support and advice on a no-charge basis.

Low Start-Up Fees

A fully-functional TRACtion instance requires a one-time installation fee of $7,500. After that, fees are based on usage.

Annual Usage Fees

You can run TRACtion for annual costs as low as $7,500 (this reflects a minimum usage of 10 "Power Users", meaning Team Leaders, Champions/Sponsors, Financial Auditors).

Minimal Cost for Legacy Import

If you want to carry legacy projects into TRACtion, we can typically import the data. Firm quotes are provided for importation and/or customizations before starting those activities.

No Charge for Team Members

We encourage broad participation in process improvement. So team members can access TRACtion on a no-charge basis. Yes, that's right. Free.

What Else is Free?

The following services are available at no extra cost:

  • Access to MoreSteam eLearning Tool Tips
  • End-user support including customer success and on-boarding
  • TRACtion and Reporting Administration

Fine Print

In order to take advantage of TRACtion/EngineRoom integration features, Project Team Leaders need to also have licenses to EngineRoom® data analysis software.

Enterprise Agreements (EA)

Depending on the number of project teams who will use TRACtion, an agreement for enterprise access may be a better choice. An EA gives flexibility and eases administration. Buy TRACtion licenses with one predictable payment and obtain discounts for both TRACtion and EngineRoom licenses. EA fees typically include budgeted components for usage, hosting and support calculated on the number of users and projects. Contact us to determine if an EA is right for you.

Security — You Can Trust TRACtion Services

By virtue of nearly 20 years of experience building and running software for thousands of the world's largest corporations, TRACtion has adopted advanced security technologies and practices. We make continuous efforts to assure that the TRACtion infrastructure remains robust, ie. available, and resilient to intrusion. These safeguards assure on-going user access to the TRACtion service and keeps your data safe.

Secure Infrastructure

Third-party audits and penetration tests are conducted regularly.

Data Security

Data is encrypted while moving and at rest within the TRACtion infrastructure.

Always On

TRACtion is available to serve your organization, whether local or global.

Personal Data Privacy

We comply with GDPR.

Subscription Documents

Review our sample subscription and service level documents.


Would you like to learn more? We'd love to give you a personal tour of TRACtion's features and enroll you in a complimentary demo account, so you can take it for your own test drive. Please us call us at 614.602.8190 or email