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Process Playground Discrete Event Simulation Software

Discrete Event Simulation Software

Process Playground is an online application designed to help you build and simulate your process models.

Built for process improvement and process design professionals, Process Playground delivers an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install Web-based simulator at an affordable price.

  • Product Overview

      Process Playground is a Web-based discrete event simulation program that allows you to create virtual models of your processes.

      Traditional simulation programs take a "boil-the-ocean" approach by adding so much complexity that you can model almost every nuance of any process, but they neglect the common, simple functions like pull systems. The result is often a long and expensive learning curve before you can build the models you need.

      Discrete Event Simulation model

      We've taken a simpler approach for Process Playground. It includes only the tools you need to model the typical processes found in a continuous improvement project.

      To run Process Playground, you simply log in to the online portal and begin to draw out your process map using the model building tools found at the top of the browser. There are no hidden menus or dialog boxes - everything you can do is right there on the screen.

      The model controls are simple and organized into three sections: management tools, model building tools, and model running tools. We include 13 training videos that walk you through the building of twelve, successively more difficult models.

      Modeling Existing Processes

      With the tools and automated features in Process Playground, you can quickly map your existing process flow. You then embed decision rules and data inputs to predict how your process configuration will perform. Once you have built a model, you can use simulation to investigate and answer questions like:

      • Can my process handle an increase or decrease in demand level?
      • What will happen if there is variation in demand or if service time changes?
      • If need to improve the lead time of the process, what should I change first?

      You can view the simulation results in charts and tables and export the data for review or further analysis in other software programs. You can save your work to your local storage and then launch it again using Process Playground.

      Modeling New Processes

      What if you're starting from scratch and creating a brand new process? Simulating the new process map with Process Playground will allow you to perform an infinite variety of virtual pilot runs before you even begin to commit resources to the new process.

      You can test the new process against large ranges of demand and variation, and experiment with various failure modes before they happen. Imagine a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis that is 90% complete before the first live pilot!

  • Top Features +

      Top features include:

    • Simple drag-and-drop interface for building models
    • Built in core process pull and replenishment pull (Kanban) functionality
    • Multi-function blocks where the demand block senses and acts as a push or pull block as needed
    • Debug mode lets you detect and eliminate model-building errors
    • Output data blocks, plots, tables, histograms and reports provide insight into the simulation results
    • Because Process Playground is Web-based, you never need to worry about installation, updates or compatibility. The program runs in any Web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or higher.

      The model files are also very small (typically less than 100 kilobytes), so they are easy to share as well.

  • Benefits to You +

    • Process Playground is designed for Black Belts and Master Black Belts who must design or re-design their organization's critical processes. Benefits include:

      • The ability to quickly simulate complex processes, product mixes and patterns.
      • You can learn and practice every feature and function in a single eight-hour session.
      • The program stores model files locally on your computer, so you have complete control over them.
      • You can use it as a teaching aid for experimentation and for demonstrating the concepts of simulation.
      • The program is a low-cost, Web-deployed solution specifically designed for Lean Six Sigma processes.
  • Pricing +

      Process Playground for Individuals

      Process Playground is licensed at $500 for a single-user, one-year subscription.

      Process Playground is also included in our Design for Six Sigma courses and our Master Black Belt development program.

      To purchase multiple licenses and receive discounted pricing, please contact us directly.

      Process Playground Organizations

      We offer enterprise-wide licenses of Process Playground. Pricing is based on the total number of your employees, with significant discounts available for large organizations.

      If you are interested in an enterprise license, please contact us directly.

  • Support +

  • System Requirements +

    • The following are system requirements for MoreSteam eLearning:

      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X
      • Microsoft Office®: English-language (U.S.) version 2007 or higher.
        • Network: Microsoft Excel must be running locally. EngineRoom will not perform correctly if you are running Microsoft Excel over a network as a distributed application.
        • Versions: Only one version of Microsoft Excel can exist. EngineRoom will not perform correctly if there are multiple versions of Microsoft Excel installed on a single computer.
        • Macro Security: EngineRoom contains macros; therefore Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
        • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.
      • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
      • Audio: Optional audio in course.
      • Browser:
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Latest version
      • Flash 10 Player: Latest version
      • Note: The course content requires that any pop-up blocker be disabled.

Common Questions

How do I get a copy of Process Playground?

Process Playground is delivered to you entirely via the internet. Unlike other process simulation tools, Process Playground is entirely online, with nothing to install on your machine, so you can access it from any computer. Once you register for a trial or purchase a license, you receive login information for the online "course" from which you can launch the tool.

How do I learn Process Playground?

The Process Playground course includes everything you need to begin to learn and use the tool. This includes the instruction manual, video tutorials, and example models.

Are there training courses that use Process Playground?

Yes. So far, we have included Process Playground in our Design for Six Sigma courses and our Master Black Belt development program.