March 2021

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YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Moving from "I Feel" to "The Data Tells Me"

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is applying Lean Six Sigma thinking to overcome obstacles and find new ways to operate. Keri Brewer, former Master Black Belt with Bridgestone, is leading the way.

Read MBB Uses Data to Help YMCA Stay Strong.

Rubber chickens make us laugh

The Power of Humor at Work

Sharing a laugh or two has been found to improve communication, better problem solving, and ultimately boost team performance.

Listen to HBR IdeaCast, How Many Managers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?



Virtual SimCamp

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER: SimCamp - June 3, 10, & 17

Learn to facilitate the online training simulations that MoreSteam has pioneered over the past 20 years. These virtual sessions will provide an introduction to the sims that your students can use to practice applying Lean principles and DMAIC.

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Logician's Rave Riddle on TED-Ed

When You Have a Few MInutes to Think

Sharpen your logical thinking with a quick exercise from TED-Ed. Stop the video at 2:05 to figure it out yourself or keep it running to see the solution unfold. Can you gain entry to the inner circle and join your logician friends?

View Can You Solve the Logician's Rave Riddle?

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