The DMAIC Control Phase Will Perfect Your Processes; If You Remember To Implement It.

The NBA finals may be over, but we never fall short of making basketball analogies.

The DMAIC Control phase is a lot like running a fast-break. The entire play can be practiced and executed perfectly, but if the lay-up is missed it was all for nothing.

The Control phase is the final step in the DMAIC process. And while it's widely regarded as the most important, it's also the most neglected. Why is that? Our latest blog gives perspective on this critical oversight, and offers tips to help your organization "hit the lay-up" in the Control phase.

Read The DMAIC Control Phase: Why the Most Critical Phase is Often the Most Overlooked

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Can You Trust The Yelp Reviews?

Hopping online to check out reviews of the restaurant you made reservations for tonight is commonplace. But can they be trusted? With the onslaught of information we receive in this digital zeitgeist, various forms of bias exist within data collection. How can we learn to spot the data and separate the bias from the truth?

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Data Is Not Just For Data Scientists

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to data. Regular people, those without "data" in their title, are central to all data-related work. Yet recent research confirms that these people are missing from too many data programs, limiting the scale and impact of these efforts.

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"Like any effort to influence human behavior, merely issuing instructions is not sufficient. Institutionalizing the improvement requires compliance, and real compliance requires more than an updated policy manual."

- Bill Hathaway, The DMAIC Control Phase: Why the Most Critical Phase is Often the Most Overlooked

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