Champion Training

Lean Six Sigma Champion Course

Are you ready to become a Champion?

We've designed this short course to provide you with a broad understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, and language in support of Champion activities.

  • Course Overview +

    • The Champion course provides you with an overview of the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process.

      You will learn a group of basic problem-solving tools used for project selection and management and receive guidance on leading teams and leading change.

      When you've completed this course, you'll be proficient in the fundamental tools of Lean Six Sigma and will have learned the skills to effectively guide and support process improvement teams in your role as Champion.

      Learning Objectives

      The overall objective of this course is to help you effectively guide and support teams engaged in a process improvement project intended to help your organization perform better. After completing this course, you should be able to:

      • Communicate using Lean Six Sigma concepts
      • Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to the overall business objective
      • Think about your work as a process, with inputs that determine the output
      • Use the five-step DMAIC model to improve processes
      • Calculate the Sigma Level for a process or organization

      To successfully complete this course, you must review all of the lessons and complete all of the quiz modules.

      Course Structure

      This course consists of three sessions, each of which is a collection of related lessons.

      Individual lessons also include simulations, toolsets and interactive practice exercises. Each session ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

      • Session 1 provides an overview of Lean and Six Sigma concepts and background.
      • Session 2 will show you how to develop and apply specific Six Sigma tools and methods for project selection and project management.
      • Session 3 covers leading teams and leading change.

      Want to see what the course looks like? Then take our brief course tour.

      Efficient, Informative and Accessible

      • All of the content is available online, in an on-demand format, so you can study at your own pace. To begin, you simply log onto the MoreSteam University learning portal.
      • With a heavy practice orientation, you will spend much of your time working through interactive practice exercises and online assessments.
      • You have 180 days to complete this course.
  • Is This Right For You? +

      Magnifying glass
    • This course is designed for managers and individuals who will be working with Black Belts or Green Belts.
    • The Champion is the key role that removes barriers to project success and ensures that project teams have the organizational support they need to be effective.
    • As a Champion, you are not expected to be an expert in the statistical tools, but you are expected to possess an understanding of how your organization operates. You need a high-level understanding of what Belts and project teams do.
    • Sound familiar? Then this is the right course for you.
  • Benefits +

      Online training through MoreSteam is:

    • Flexible: This course is presented in a logical, DMAIC format, but the sessions are modular, so you can explore the material as, how, and when you like.
    • Accessible: Online training is available to you wherever you have an Internet connection and a browser.
    • Responsive: The quizzes provide immediate feedback. The practice-based interactive exercise will engage your interest and help you to remember the material.
    • Affordable: e-Learning has a far lower cost than classroom training. You have no travel expenses and don't miss valuable days at work.
    • Meaningful: As proof of your expertise, you will receive a certificate of completion and CEUs or PDUs of credit.
  • What the Alumni Say +

    • Selected recent quotes from our alums:
    • "This is a wonderful initial course, very concise, very informative."
    •     - Troy N., IRS
    • "Whether you're looking for a refresher or a good overall understanding of Lean Six Sigma - and what it brings to the table - this course hits the mark. Every CEO / Leader should take this course to reset, recallibrate or re-affirm their motives and actions."
    •     - Brett F., GSL International
    • "This is a great way to train. It is very flexible and can fit into anyone's schedule."
    •     - Martin L., Schneider Electric
    • "I am looking to advance my career, and this class will help me do just that. Thanks for the ease of using these course materials."
    •     - Ben P.
  • Course Options +

      Industry Options

      This course is available in several "industry flavors": Manufacturing (default), Healthcare, Financial Services, and Services.

      Each version features customized case studies, examples and exercises. You can select your version when you purchase the course.

      Language Options

      We offer this course in these additional languages:
      Chinese (ZH) | German (DE) | Portuguese (PT) | Spanish (ES) | French (FR)

      Contact us directly for more information.

  • Course Outlines +

  • Pre-Requisites +

    • This course has no pre-requisites.
  • Materials +

    • Materials Provided by MoreSteam

    • Microsoft® Excel® templates for problem solving and statistical analysis - available as downloads within the course material.
    • Materials Provided by Student/Company

    • General-purpose Statistics Software is useful but not necessary. Excel templates are provided by the course for statistical analysis. If you do not have a statistics package, options range from free internet downloads to higher-end packages like EngineRoom®, Minitab®, Statistica®, JMP® etc. You can download a 30-day evaluation copy of most statistics packages over the Web.
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Office 2003 or higher is recommended. Office 97 and 2000 do not take advantage of all Excel template features.
    • Optional Materials

    • Rath & Strong's Six Sigma Pocket Guide (Rath & Strong, Inc; Spiral edition, October 17, 2000) ISBN: 0970507909
    • Peter S. Pande, Robert P. Neuman, Roland R. Cavanagh, The Six Sigma Way (McGraw-Hill 2000) ISBN: 0-07-135806-4
  • Support +

      When in your training course, you can use the on-screen Help features (e.g., glossary of terms and site search) for information. You can contact the Course Instructor by email during regular business hours to request assistance.

      For general technical support, you can visit our MoreSteam University support section, where you can search through our online knowledgebase or send us a support request.

  • System Requirements +

    • The following are system requirements for MoreSteam eLearning:

      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X
      • Microsoft Office®: English-language (U.S.) version 2007 or higher.
        • Network: Microsoft Excel must be running locally. EngineRoom will not perform correctly if you are running Microsoft Excel over a network as a distributed application.
        • Versions: Only one version of Microsoft Excel can exist. EngineRoom will not perform correctly if there are multiple versions of Microsoft Excel installed on a single computer.
        • Macro Security: EngineRoom contains macros; therefore Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
        • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.
      • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
      • Audio: Optional audio in course.
      • Browser:
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Latest version
      • Note: The course content requires that any pop-up blocker be disabled.

Common Questions

When can I begin the course?

With e-Learning, you can start at any time after purchase. You do not have to wait for other students to fill a class or have to attend an instructor-led "kickoff" event. All the materials and instructions are online, and you can complete the course at your own pace.

Is there Champion certification?

Certification is a more complex process required only for the higher levels of expertise, so we do not offer it for Champions. As proof of your training, you receive a formal certificate of completion when you graduate. You also receive CEUs or PDUs of credit.

Do you offer pricing discounts for groups of trainees and deployments?

Of course! Many of our larger customers send tens to hundreds of employees through Champion training. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.