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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait a minute. Do you really mean data analysis anywhere?

Yes. EngineRoom online requires no downloads, license codes, or installation. Simply get online and log into your account.

Michaela Collins

Customer Relations Specialist

How can I try EngineRoom?

Download a free trial to start using EngineRoom today. The trial is full-featured and runs for 7 days.

How can I purchase an EngineRoom license?

We offer both individual and group licenses. Use the online checkout system for individual licenses, or contact our sales team at 614.602.8190 for group pricing.

How do I access the latest version of EngineRoom?

You always have the latest version. Any updates from our development team are accessible to you in real time in EngineRoom. For details regarding new features and enhhancements, visit the What's New page.

Gabe Turk

Director of
Business Development

In what languages is EngineRoom available?

The application is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Will EngineRoom run on a Mac?

Yes, EngineRoom is platform agnostic and is accessible from any device using a HTML5-compatible web browser. For more details see the system requirements.

Do you offer software validation for EngineRoom?

Yes! We offer a full software validation kit that you can use to verify EngineRoom output for FDA compliance. The kit includes documentation on our development process, our security practices, test datasets from the National Institute of Statistics and Technology (NIST), and corresponding EngineRoom output images. Click here to request the kit.

Smita Skrivanek

Principal Statistician